P1340566 (500x375)* Adra :    Parking, Playa El Censu

Avenue del Trafalgar C.F.       04770 Adra

It is a mix-parking, 100 meters from Playa El Censu and about 300 meters from the center. No facilities. Water at the park nearby.



* Cabo de Gata-Nija

IMG_20160315_122742 (500x375)**Carboneras :     Avenida de Faro de Mesa Roldan

04140 Carboneras

Coordinates :   N: 36.99558   W: 1.89582

It is a small parking just along the main street. Further no other services. Near to the center.


DSC04980 (500x281) (500x281)**Agua Amarga Calle del Desague 2           04149 Agua Amarga

Coordinates :    N: 36.93920   W: 1.93635

A mix-parking by the beach. About 200 meters to the center.


IMG_20160313_161809_1 (500x375)**Las Negras :     Calle Batiscafo       04116 Las Negras

Coordinates :    N: 36.87900    W: 2.00661

Mix-parking, near the beach,  center and supermarket No facilities.



IMG_20160312_103227 (500x375) **El Playazo   :    Parking Playa El Playazo       AL-4200 Rodalquilar

Coordinates :    N: 36.86140   W: 2.00638

Parking by the beach. No facilities. Starting point of hike to Las Negras.



IMG_20160310_170954_1 (500x375)**Rodalquilar  :   Calle Bocamina (infront of Jardin Botanico)

Coordinates :   N: 36.84909    W: 2.04322

Quiet parking in the village. Near the old mine.



P1400463 (500x375)**La Isleta del Moro :  N: 36.81691    W: 2.05059


Mix-parking just 100 meters from the village. Starting point for hikes. Small supermarket in the village and public laundry plus water. Police control



** San Jose :       Avenida de San Jose 170   San Jose

Coordinates : N: 36.76465   W: 2.10972

DSC03990 (500x281)**La Fabriquilla: AL-3115   Coordinates :   N: 36.73485   W: 2.20509

Unofficial parking by the beach…Next village is 5 kilometers with Saturday market. Hike to lighthouse is about 1.5 hours.


DSC01175 (500x375)*Garrucha : Puerto de Garrucha (beside Lonja de Pescado)

Parking at the beach; near the center with shops and restaurants. No facilities.




IMG_20150308_174431 (500x375)*Mojacar :   Playa Mojacar (Castillo Macenas)

Parking at the beach; police control. Good starting point for hike to the tower and mountains. No Facilities.


II. CADIZ                                     

IMG_20150407_093650 (500x375)*Arcos dela Frontera : Avenida del Duc de Arcos

11630 Arcos dela Frontera

Coordinates : N:  36.75034    W: 5.811642

Big mix-parking, old village is about 500 meters, which can be accessed via a steep steps going up. Big market on Saturday.


P1390831 (500x375)*Bolonia                :  Playa de Bolonia      11380     Bolonia  Coordinates :   N: 36.08687    W: 5.76882

A very quiet parking by the beach. Nice stroll to the Dunes and beach. No facilities. Small shop nearby.




IMG_20160120_163923 (500x375)*Chipiona                   :  Paseo del Mar, Chipiona


A big mix-parking by the beach. Near the village, haven and fishport. Laundry possible by the haven.Good biking paths.




P1410449 (500x375) 

* El Bosque               :  Carretera del  Bosque   Urique     (beside Hotel Trucha)                  11670 El Bosque

Coordinates :  N: 36.75881    W: 5.50951

Closed terrain used for parking. Starting point of hike to the river.

IMG_20160407_120622 (500x375)*Grazalema     :  A-372    11610 Grazalema        Opposite chapel of Nuestra Senora delos Angeles

Coordinates :  N:  36.76205    W: 5.36228

Nice parking just 200 meters from the village. Wonderful vies. Noise from passing vehicles. No facilities.



IMG_20160212_100402_1 (500x375)*La Linea dela Concepcion (Gibraltar)

Avenida Principe de Asturias

11300 La Linea

Coordinates :  N: 36.15870   W: 5.33927


Parking for campers; 3 euro per dag; no facilities. About 700 meters from the border of Gibraltar. Big market on Wednesday.


IMG_20160109_120348 (500x375)*Sanlucar de Barrameda :

Avenida delas Piletas

11540 Sanlucar de Barrameda

Coordinates :  N: 36.78395   W: 6.35938



Big parking for campers; free with facilities for water and waste disposal. opposite the beach; about 400 meters to the center. Nice bike and wandel paths.

DSC02730 (500x375)*Tarifa            :

Camino dela Playa (Playa delos Lances)

Paseo Maritimo    11380 Tarifa

Coordinates :  N: 36.02511    W: 5.61426



Big open terrain used for parking by RVs. Near the beach with good wandel routes. Near supermarkets Dia and Mercadona.Camper services is at Tarifuel – for 3 euros water plus wastes disposal. Laundry also possible.


IMG_20150402_150556 (500x375)*Vejer dela Frontera       :

Parking, Avenida Los Remedios

11150 Vejer dela Frontera

Big mix-parking at the beginning of the village, 200 meters to the center. Free; no facilities. Nice views.



IMG_20160202_120537 (500x375)*Zahara delos Atunes   :

CA-2216  Paseo delos Palmeras

11380 Zahara delos Atunes (access to Playa Atlantera)

Good parking with access to Playa Atlantera. Near Pizzeria Mama Mia and Cerveceria Zaharandonga. Village is 2.5 kilometers.


IMG_20160418_092600 (500x375)


*Cordoba : Avenida Compositor Rafael CastroCordoba

(near Nuevo estadio El Arcangel, Recinto Ferial and CC El Arcangel.

Coordinates :   N: 37.87508       W:  4.76586


Big mix-parking near the Nuevo Estadio El Arcangel and CC El Arcangel. Market on Sunday by Recinto Ferial. No facilities. City center is about 500 meters.


*Baza           : Avenida Jose Salinas Espina

Coordinates :  N:  37.49409    W: 2.76146


IMG_20160403_120131 (500x375)*Guadix     : Avenida Buenos Aires


Coordinates :  N: 37.30360    W: 3.13345

A big mix-parking just 200 meters from the city center. No facilities. Saturday is a big market.



IMG_20150316_181619 (500x375)*Motril         : Parking, Playa Poniente (Playacan)

Paseo del Pajaro

18613 El Varadero, Motril

Parking by the beach. City center is 5 kilometers away to be reached by bike of bus. Bus stop is about 100 meters.



IMG_20160225_151406_1 (500x375)

*Antequera   :  Avenida Miguel de Cervantes 43

29200 Antequera

Coordinates :   N: 37.02145    W: 4.57184

Parking for at elast 10 campers, at the back of football stadium and opposite Justice building. City center is about 800 meters. Free, with facilities for water and waste disposal.



IMG_20150324_095544 (500x375)*Competa : Parking Gratis, La Fabrica

Camino del Archez,  29754 Competa

A small parking located somewhere in the middle of the village. No other facilities.




DSC03594 (500x375)

*El Torcal     : Parking, Parque Natural El Torcal

29200 Antequer

Coordinates :  N: 36.95342    W: 4.54428

Good mix-parking by El Torcal. The drive and views are amazing. Wonderful hiking routes. Toilet by the visitors’center.



IMG_20160216_161642 (500x375)*Fuengirola : Parking, Playa El Ejido-El Castillo (Castillo Sohail)       29640 Fuengirola

Coordinates :  N: 36.52290   W: 4.62944

Nice mix-parking by the beach and castle. Guarded. Donation of 2 euro per day. Center is about 500 meters. Nice beach stroll and promenade. Big Market on Tuesday. Wifi from hotel nearby.



IMG_20150319_104516 (500x375)*Nerja : Parking,

Calle del Puente Viejo and San Isidro

29780 Nerja

A big open unguarded mix-parking just 200 metres from the center. No other facilities.



IMG_20160406_144256 (500x375)*Ronda :  c/ de Jimena de Libar

(Urbanizacion Parque del Sur) Ronda

Coordinates :   N: 36.75071    W: 5.17101

A good parking by the park, with wonderful views. Free; about 1 km walk to the city.



P1400167 (500x375)*Torremolinos : Calle del Castillo del Ingles (near Plaza Cantabria ) 29620 Torremolinos (infront of edificio Castillo Santa Clara Coordinates :   N: 36.61763    W: 4.49941

Small mix-parking just 200 metres to the city center. Beach is nearby, No facilities. Laundry by Repsol gas station about 500 meters.


IMG_20160301_080435 (500x375)*Torrox-Costa :  Parking, Avenida El Faro

29770 Torrox-costa

Coordinates :  N: 36.72700    W: 3.95665

Small open area by the beach, near the lighthouse. Police control. Nice promenade; market is on Mondays.



IMG_20150416_204849 (500x375)*Sevilla   : Area de Autocaravanas de Sevilla

Avenida Garcia de Morato s/n        41001 Sevilla

Coordinates :  N: 37.36239    W: 5.994520

Big parking for campers; 12 euro per day with water and waste disposal. Toilet and showers available but not too clean. Free wifi. City center is about 2 kilometers, can be reached by bike or a walk .






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