Ït’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey.”

“There’s nothing special in Brennes. Let’s meet up in Seville instead.”

These were the words Carmen said when I informed her of our plan to visit them in their hometown Brennes. But as I have convincingly told her that her presence there together with another two of our dear friends make the place already special. After all, it’s not where we go, but who we meet along the way.” And so it was set. We agreed to go to Brennes on the last weekend of January.


During the Feria in Seville last year we had the pleasure of meeting three charming Spanish young women named Carmen, Ana and Angelica. Carmen was working as a tour guide who gave us a very informative and interesting tour on the Feria grounds and the history of the feast. She then invited us to join her and her friends later that evening for a drink; an invitation which we gladly accepted.  It was there that we met her 2 friends, Ana and Angelica. Together with them, we had a very enjoyable and memorable feria celebration in Seville.  We learned a few Spanish words and manners, danced a bit, and of course, drank a lot of Rebujito. Since then, we have maintained contact vioa the social network Facebook.

20170128_165601 (500x281)

With Carmen infront of the Catholic church in Brennes

After almost a year, we met again! It was a joyful reunion. Carmen met us at Mercadona in Brennes, a small town about 20 kilometers from Seville. , drove with her to her house where we parked our camper for a couple of days. We walked straight to the bar where Ana was working. It was Saturday afternoon and it was busy in the bar. We had a few drinks and some raciones – patatas con allioli, chipirones and a plate of lomo and chorizo/salami. When it was time to pay Ana insisted that it was for the house! We have agreed  to have another drink later that day after her work and also would try to contact Angelica.

20170128_143318 (500x281)

Having some good times at Ana’s bar

We went back to Carmen’s house and met the rest of her family – her parents and sister. It was a charming family; we sat in the small family room where we were offered the sweetetst oranges we have ever tasted for years! We also had the privilege of looking at the photoalbum of her parents’ 25 years wedding anniversary celebration.


The following day, Sunday, Carmen, Hans and I drove to Carmona. Unfortunately Ana and Angelica were not able to come with us for some personal reasons. Carmona, a picturesque town located  in a hill overlooking a fertile land, lies just 20 kilometers northwest of Brennes.  We were lucky to have a good weather when we drove up here (as contrary to the predicted rainy day).

DSC03263 (500x282)

Carmona, as seen from the Necropolis

We visited the famous Carmona Archeological Complex or the Necropolis where a collection of pre-Roman burials/graves are found. Entrance here is free!  It was noteworthy how even in the early years, people had always had deep respect for their dead; and it was admirable how they they took so much work and difficulty in preparing and constructing those ancient burial places.  There is a systematic itinerary/route in visiting the Necropolis. The most impressive graves are the Tomb of the Elephant, Tomb of Sevilia and Tomb of Postunius.

Impressions of the Necropolis

After visiting Necropolis, it was time to have a short break! And the perfect place to have it was in 100 Montaditos! Who would have thought they have it in Carmona.

It was Sunday and we enjoyed the day promo where all montaditos or small finger foods were all for only 1 euro. Afterwards, it was time to burn the calories. We took a long walk to the historic center of Carmona up to the Parador, a 14th century former Arab fortress which is now transformed into a 4-star hotel.  What a luxe way to end our day trip to Carmona.

The Parador  de Carmona


Some good things never last. It is a cliché but it is so true!

It was our last evening in Brennes. After a little confusion about how to meet up with our other female friends, we ended up spending the rest of the evening at Carmen’s place. Luckily Ana and Angelica could both make it. What happened next was a hilarious and enjoyable evening with dear friends : an evening of constant chatter, drinking and eating. Language barrier was not a hindrance to have a good time. In fact it was sometimes the cause of hilarity as we sometimes did not understand each other.

The lamp we received from  Ana , Angelica and Carmen

We thanked the ladies for the  wonderful times in Brennes, and also for their beautiful table lamp they gave us a gift. An open invitation was given for them to visit us in Holland anytime…an invitation which we hope they would one day make a reality.

Salud for good friends!


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