Below are the different places where we parked and stayed with our mobile home during our exploration of the Algarve region.  We stayed in places which were mostly free and close to the sea as much as possible.

  1. Aljezur


Avenida General Humberto Delgado     8670 Aljezur

Coordinates :   N : 37.31690   W : 8.80268

It is a rather small parking located at the beginning of the town, opposite the public market. It is also possible to park att he parking behind the public market. There are no other facilities. Intermache supermarket is about 200 meters.



Parking Autiocaravana, Lidl     8650 Vila do Bispo

Coordinates :   N : 37.07901    W : 8.91366

Lidl is located just outside of the town. It has 8 reserved places for motorhomes. Wifi and toilet are available at the supermarket.


Parking, Town Hall     Rua Ribeira do Poco

8650 Vila do Bispo

Coordinates : N : 37.08144    W : 8. 91302

It is a sandy parking area opposite the town hall/ cultural center. Town center and public market is nearby. Wifi is via the cultural center ; CMVB_Public. There is a public wash area near the market where water can be obtained also.


Praia Boca do Rio     8650 Vila do Bispo

Coordinates : N : 37.06683    W : 8.81004

It is a an spacious mix-parking area at the beach. There are no other facilities.



Mix- Parking, Fortaleza de Sagres

EN 268-2   8650 Sagres

Coordinates : N :  37.00448   W : 8.94486

It is a big mix-parking at the foot of the Fortaleza de Sagres, with easy access to both beaches of Mareta and Tonel. The town is about 1.5 kilometer. Camper facilities are available at the Intermache supermarket located at the entrance to the town.


Parking, Fish Port

Estrada de Sao Roque    8600 Lagos

Coordinates : N : 37.10460   W :  8.66927

It is a rather spacious parking lot by the fish port. There is a signboard that parking here is prohibited. Police drove around regularly  and didn’t say anything. Maybe they tolerate it during the winter months. Marina de Lagos with lots of cafes and restaurants is about 250 meters;  city center is about 300 meters, crossing a pedestrian bridge from the Marina to the other side of the river.


Parking, Praia da Alvor       8500 Alvor

Coordinates : N : 37.12340   W : 8.59596

It is a mix-parking by the beach, near the Alvorensee Snack Bar and opposite the official Camper parking in Alvor. Town center and harbour is about 200 meters. The beachwhich can be accessed via a wooden boardwalk, is just a stone throw away. On our second day, local police came and informed us that it was not allowed for overnight stay here so we moved about half kilometre and parked one night  in other parking area, with an intention of  parking back at the beach during the day.




Alternate Parking : Travessa da Nau


Coordinates : N : 37.12385   W :  8.58884



Mix Parking –       Rua dos Tres Castelos

8500 Portimão

Coordinates : N : 37.12021   W :  8.5465

Two spacious mix-parking area just before entering the city center. Beaches of Praia da Rocha and Tres Castelos are about 150 meters. It was still allowed to camp here when we were here. But the municipality was planning to put a height barrier on both parkings that would probably make the area not accessible for campers in the future. The other big official Camper Parking at Avenida Rio Arade was already closed. We have heard that an investor has bought the place, and maybe plan to add one more high rising building in the city, as if what they have now is not yet enough.


Open grounds (by water)  Infanta Dom Henrique


Coordinates : N :  37.12556    W :  8.52404

It is a spacious open grounds located at the river estuary, overlooking the village of Ferragudo on the left side, and the city of portimao on the right side. The views are beautiful, especially at night. There are no other facilites. Village center is about 200 meters. They were saying that there are plans to convert this area into another marina. We don’t know if there is a truth to this, but if that is so, it would not be beneficial for the small local fishermen who are still practicing their craft at the water front. Another marina, haven’t they have more than enough in Portimao???


N: 37.09041   W : 8.41418

There is a reasonable beach parking. But we wildcamped at the area along the path of the Trail, by the bushes.  There are no other facilities here. Good access to the beach and starting point of the trail.


Parking Os Armaceneses

Avenida do Rio

Praia dos Peascadores         Armacao da Pera

Coordinates : N : 37.10041    W : 8.35433

It is a rather spacious parking area just opposite the Praia Pescadores. Parking costs 1.50 euro per day. There is water and a possibility to empty chemical toilets. Village center is about 200 meters.

11.  ALTE

Mix-Parking,   Alte

Rotunda R-124

8100 Alte

Coordinates : N : 37.23303   W : 8.18050

It is a free mix-parking just outside the village, by the cemetery. Water is available by the cemetery. Wonderful views of the valley, there is a waterfall just 5-10 minutes downhill walking.


20161227_102816 (500x281)

:   Parking,       Municipal Piscina

N124, Silves

Coordinates : N : 37.18533  W : 8.44548

It is a spacious parking area, infront of the official camping area Parque do Rio. The old center is about 1 kilometer walk, passing by at the tourism office. Internet is possible via the Parque (silvesalgarve1).


Parking,         Praia Dos Arrifes

Rua dos Arrifes

8200 Albufeira

Coordinates ; N : 37.07654   W : 8.27920

It is a free beach parking at the small beautiful beach. The views are wonderful. Further, no other facilities.


20161230_092929 (500x281) (500x281) Parking,        Fonte de Paderne

Est. En 177

8200 Paderne

Coordinates : N : 37.16824    W : 8.20930

It is a free parking area at the Fonte de Paderne, where an old public washing area is also located. It is about 1 kilometer from the village center,, and 3 kilometers from the castle ruins. Ideal starting points for hiking. It is also possible to do the laundry here and tap water here just like what the locals do.

15.   Tavira

Parking,        Estacionamiento, Mercado Municipal

Cor. Estr. 4 Aguas and Rua Simao Fernandez

8800 Tavira

Coordinates: N :  37.12304    W :  7.64202

It is a rather spacious free parking area by the public market, just about 200 meters to the town center. There are no other facilities. Laundry can be done at the self-service laundry along the riverfront, on the way to the town center.

16.   Olhao

20170103_165802 (500x281)

Small parking ,  Avenida 16 de Junhio


Coordinates : N : 37.02625    W : 7.83718

It is a small open grounds found at the corner of Avenida 16 de Junhio and Rua Francisco Menezes, at the back of Casa Musica and opposite a shop. A bit noisy with the traffic, but it is convenient because of its proximity to the supermarker (Pingo Doce), waterfront, ferry terminal fishport, town center and the Mercados. There are no other facilities.

There is also a possibility to wild camp at a big parking area found at the beginning of Avenida 5 de Octobre, near the police station. There is a board that it is not allowed for campers, but apparently, the police tolerates it.

17.  Cacela Velha

20170109_153636 (500x281)

Mix-Parking Cacela Velha

Coordinates :   N : 37.158345     W :  7.546018

Spacious parking area located before the village, with views of the Ria Formosa lagoons. Toilet is at the village, behind the church where water is also available.

19.  Monte Gordo

Praia do Cabeco

8900 Monte Gordo

Coordinates :   N :  37.17753   W : 7.47150

Spacious area by the beach. No other services.


20.  Vila real de Santo Antonio

Corner of Avenida Republica and Rua Doutor Alberto Pareira

21400 VRSA

Coordinates :   N :  37.19673   W :  7.41688




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