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 Hello, Guys.  Welcome to DJ Travel Experience. We are Dines and Hans from The Netherlands, two ordinary people who enjoy the ordinary things in life. The only luxury we give ourselves is to travel and see the world (at least, some parts of it). Because  travelling could be very expensive, we had to find a way to indulge ourselves with this luxury without sacrificing a big chunk in our budget. Thus, after a lot of discussions and disagreements, we finally decided to purchase a second-hand mobile home (camper) which would take us to many travel destinations.

Why a mobilehome, you may wonder.  Having done many short travels here in Europe before, we realized that we haven’t really maximized those trips, as we had limited time, budget, mobility and freedom. Now that Hans is already retired, and I no longer work, time has become our friend. Now, we have the chance to travel around, with so much freedom, but within our means.

This site serves as a venue where we can share with you our travel adventures in whatever manner it may be. We invite you to tag along with us as we travel and discover some of Europe’s best (and not so good) places. Come and experience with us life on the road.


DSC03868 (450x338)Our travel buddy, whom we fondly called D’Traveller has been with us since 2013…It is an Knaus 575 from 1997.  Some may think that it is what old…ánd it is true… but we considered ourselves lucky to have it. Imagine us going as far as Belgium and Germany searching for a good one, and ending up finding and buying D’Traveller in our own country, just 50 kilometers where we live. Anyway, Hans has made some needed modernisation: installed solar plates on the roof, bought extra accus, put in a power convertor, changed the roofwindow, installed a camera and pimped the RV a little bit. Those were not easy tasks, and it helped a lot having a handy partner. And after some tests, D’Ttraveller has passed and has been our partner ever since…and we are hoping it stays with us for a long time and bring us safe to wonderful destinations.


6 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Hallo Dines, ik volg jullie nu al een tijdje via je posts op facebook. Wij willen ook voor langere tijd naar Spanje en Portugal trekken. Ik vroeg me af hoe jullie dat doen met de gasvoorziening. Werken jullie met van die oranje propaanflessen van repsol of cepsa? Of gebruiken jullie LPG? Bedankt om je ervaringen te willen delen! Nicole

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    • Hallo Nicole. Wij gebruiken LPG. Wij hebben 2 lichtgewichte kunststoflessen die wij mogen tot 80% vullen ( 23 En 17 l). En tanken in Spanje En Portugal is geen probleem. Bedankt voor het volgen En success met jullie toekonstige reisplannen met jullie camper. Grts, Hans en Dines 😉


    • Hello. Thanks for the compliment. I can express myself better in English than in Dutch. And besides majority of my followers speak and understand English better than Dutch too. Thanks for dropping by 😉


  2. I understand! It looks that you look for the same things as we do. End of May we will take off on a ten week trip to Scotland. I hope you can find the time to check my weblog? Coming October we will leave for Spain and Portugal where we surely will use some of your experiences. Travel safe, Jielus and Lyka (from the Philippines).


  3. Hello Jielus…we wish you all the fun in your travels. Scotland is one of our dream travel destinations; we are still figuring it out how to make it come true 😉 hey, you’re my kababayans 😉 Mabuhay!!!


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