The first time that we visited Sevilla was about 12 years ago, We were also with a camper. Because we did not have enough time before, we decided to come back to this wonderful city to see more of what it has to offer. Coming from Sanlucar de Barrameda, we drove to Sevilla. It was a 120 km drive, we left San Lucar at 10.30 and arrived in Sevilla at about 13.00. It was  a bit difficult to find the camping area; we had to drive past the military area and then back again. Luckily we saw one French camper  on the way which was also headed in the same camping, and a police car was driving ahead of it. The driver signed us to follow him, which we did and led us to the camping area.

 Campsite : Area de Autocaravanas Sevilla Centro

                       Avenida Garcia de Morato s/n       41001 Sevilla

 Coordinates : N – 37.36239          E – 5.994520

IMG_20150416_204849 (500x375)

  The camping area is from a private car/truck company. It costs 12 euro/day, excluding electricity (3 euro/day). It has the needed services such as water, showers wifi, place l for water and toilet wastes. It is opposite the port, and about 30 minutes walk to the city center (15 minutes with the bike). We stayed here for 3 nights.


Sevilla is the capital and largest city of Andalucian Region and province of Sevilla. We were here for the first time some 12 years ago, but strange enough, all I could remember was my stroll at plaza Espana. But this time around, it was different! Our second visit to this city made me fell in love with this place, although we haven’t had enough time to explore it. The rest of the discovery is reserved for the third trip.


PLAZA ESPANA ….by far the biggest and most beautiful plaza I’ve seen in my entire Spain trip. It has a diameter of 200 meter and an area of 14,000 sq.m. It is built in 1929 as part of a big exposition. Around the square are 48 ceramic benches which represent the 48 Spanish provinces in alphabetical order. There are also 4 charming small bridges that cross over the waters that stream around the square which stand for the 4 different areas that form the Spanish crown, Castille, Leon, Navarre and Aragon.

In the middle of the square is a big fountain, which has become the favourite setting for picture taking for locals and tourists alike.  I have spent many hours in this wonderful plaza, strolling around, lazying, sitting in its many benches and observing the many people who were also doing the same as I was.

THE HOLY CATHEDRAL … The Holy Cathedral of Sevilla was built over the main Almohad mosque of Sevilla in 9th century and what was over is the tower, known as the Giraldi, the belltop of the cathedral almost 100 meters high and crowned by a weathervane called Giraldillo. The cathedral is the largest Gothic temple in the world and the third largest of the Christian world having a total surface area of 23,500 sq. meters; length – 126 meters, width – 83 meters, maximum height from the transept – 37 meters, Girlada bell tower – 98 meters.

What are remarkable inside the cathedral are its many chapels which are formed by supporting pillars, its 18-meter high Main Altar piece, the mausoleum with the mortal remains of Christopher Columbus, and the many artistic treasures found in the treasure room. We paid 13 euro to enter this marvellous work of architecture (9 euro for me, and 4 for Hans). Inside the cathedral is the stairs in going up to the Giraldi. There are in total 35 ramps that gradually become steep, and 17 steps before reaching the mirador or viewpoint. On top we had a wonderful views of the city and the surroundings.

 REALES ALCAZARES … The Alcazar is a group of palaces and so it is sometimes called Reales Alcazares. For a thousand years, it has been the center of power and royal residence. Now the royal family stays here when they are in Sevilla. It is declared a world heritage site in 1987. We paid 11.50 to enter this site (9.50 for me, and 2 euro for Hans).

 The palace looked similar to Alhambra, with its Moorish influence as evident in its many arcs and details at the walls, ceilings and pillars. It has many salons, gardens and rooms, all big and small. At the back of the palace is a big pond the Fuente de Mercurio, where the statue of the god Mercury is found in the middle.

PARQUE DE MARIA LUISA…The Maria Luisa Park (Parque de Maria Luisa) is a public park that stretches along the Guadalquivir river in Sevilla, a green space to the south of the city center with hundreds of exotic trees lining shady avenues and historic fairy tale buildings, Moorish fountains and pools.. It is paradisical half mile of palms and orange trees, elms and Mediterranean pines, covered with flower beds and dotted with hidden bowers, tiled benches, ponds, fountains and pavilions. The park is a joy to explore, perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and seek the silence; a perfect family getaway, or even a refuge. What for me the most striking part here is the statue dedicated to the poet Bequer. It is about the three women each representing Love and the experience of it.

 CARRIAGE RIDE AND BIKING IN SEVILLA…. One of the common sights in Sevilla are the many horse-driven carriages. A tour of the city using this carriages cost 45 euros. Hans and I took the tour together with another Dutch couple, Inge and Ronald, whom we met and became friends with in the camping area. We started our tour in front of the Cathedral, and from there we went through some strategic points in the city, with the highlight, a stop and picture taking at Plaza Espana. It was a surprise to me that biking is almost as good and as safe as in one of the cities in Holland, like Arnhem. At first I didn’t dare to bike in Spanish cities, but in Sevilla, I was able to conquer that fright. From the camping is only 15 minute biking to the center, and there are clear biking lanes that one can follow. The highlight of my biking adventure was when I biked around the Plaza Espana and around the big fountain in its center.

 LAST WORDS…. It was only 4 day trip to Sevilla. I know it is not enough really see the whole city. We haven’t seen the half of it, Im afraid. What I really found so disappointing was that we had to miss one of Sevilla’s greatest fiesta, the Feria de Abril, which was supposed to begin by the time that we left the city. It was supposed to be really HUGE! In fact we have walked around the place where the fiesta will be held, and it was HUGE!, almost the size of small Spanish village. Maybe next time, when we have more time, we get to experience this fiesta too! And just like many of our adventures, the trip to Sevilla was also one of the highlights, not only because we were able to see some of the outstanding sights here, but also because we have again get acquainted and became friends to two lovely Dutch couple whom we met in the camping, Inge and Ronald and Bert and Tinneke.

IMG_20150418_191307 (500x375)

Our customary picture together 🙂


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