Four cold days in Antequera….bbbrrrrrrr!!! It was too bad the temperature and the weather were not cooperating; otherwise we could have stayed a little longer in the mountains to do some really good hikes. But as it was, we couldn’t wait to go back to the coast and felt he warmth of the sun in our faces again! After filling our tank with cleanwater, emptying our chemical toilet, tanking LPG and even a short visit to El Romeral, one of the Dolmenes of Antequera, we were on our way.  So we drove to Torrox-Coasta where we have agreed with Inge and Ronald for a meet-up. We have met these two lovely couple last year during our first camper adventure. It would be very nice to catch up with them once again.  We were able to park our camper in one of the inner streets in town, but later moved on to a better place, near the lighthouse. We stayed here for three days, then on the fourth day, the localpolice asked us to leave the area as  it was not allowed to stay longer there. We were planning to leave already, though J

Campsite : Parking, Avenida El Faro

                   29770 Torrox-costa

Coordinates : N: 36.72700   W: 3.95665

IMG_20160301_080435 (500x375)

Campsite near the Faro in Torrox costa


Torrox-Costa is a small cozy coastal town in the province of Malaga. It is part of Torrox, a uphill town about 4 kilometers from the coast. It is said that Torrox-costa has the best temperature in the whole of Andalucia; which maybe explains the presence of many foreigners living here, especially English and Germans. Anyway, it has a nice long beach promenade, with cozy restaurants and cafes. And at the end of the boulevard is the El Faro or Torrox Lighthouse. There is open air market every Monday, which we incidentally discovered while taking our long stroll.

DSC03908 (500x375)

Torrox costa beach


IMG_20160301_080106 (500x375)

Faro of Torrox costa

Torrox-costa is a nice place for a short stop, and for catching up with our friends, Inge and Ronald, whom we met in Sevilla last April. We have spent quite some time with them: from camping in the same parking area, to taking long walks on the promenade, to having some coffee in our favourite bar la Taberna, to sharing some drinks and tapas both in our camper as well as in a local restaurant. Catching up, updating ourselves with our travels and exchanging campsites/coordinates were the order of the days.  It was nice to spend some quality times with people who enjoy he simple things in life. We hope to see them again in our future travels.

P1400343 (500x375)

Our fave cafe at La Taberna

DSC03910 (500x375)

Another view of the lighthouse


Nerja, another coastal town, is just about 7 kilometers from Torrox-Costa. Hans and I were already last year, and thought it would be nice to see the town again. (not that it has much to offer). For us, Nerja is just another touristic town along the coast. We took a bus in going here, which cost us only 1.17 per rit. Once in Nerja, we walked to the Balcon de Europa, a former castle which is now transformed into a huge balcony, with spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. It was crowded here as usual, many tourist wandering around. After that we took a stroll on the town’s inner winding streets which were full with souvenir shops and restaurants. Compared with Torrox, the prices here are a bit more expensive. After about three hours, we decided we have seen nerja again, and took the bus back to Torrox.

DSC03973 (500x281)

Balcon de Europa in Nerja

DSC03966 (500x281)

Balcon de Europa in Nerja


Torrox-costa and Nerja are typical examples of touristic towns in Spain, which are flanked by tourists seeking escaping the winter in their own countries and seeking the comfort of the warmth of the sun. We found it too busy, touristic and commercialized. I guess, we prefer the solitude and quietness of some remote not too famous little Spanish villages, whether on the coast or in the mountains. What made our stay here more pleasurable was the company of our dear friends Inge and Ronald, plus the nice temperatures we have had here, as opposed to what we had in Antequera.  Well, on to the next destination..

IMG_20160229_125930 (500x375)

Our customary picture together 🙂


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