Coming back to Sanlucar de Barrameda was like coming back home. The place has been one of our favorites during our first camper adventure in Spain, that we have considered renting a place here to live for a while. Especially after experiencing only rainy, windy, stormy and cold days in Portugal, Sanlucar was like a breeze of fresh pleasurable wind. We were extremely glad we were back.

DSC02279 (500x375)

Tiledesign on the walls of the Public Library

IMG_20160110_125858 (500x375)

The monument depicting that the world is indeed round!

Sanlucar de Barrameda is a coastal town located in the province of Cadiz. It lies by the mouth of Guadalquivir river and Donana Natural Park. One of the major contributions of the town is its being the gateway to important voyages and explorations in the early 1500s, when Spanish ships led by great voyagers such as Magallanes and El Cano started their journeys here to “rediscover”the world. . This significant fact is seen in various parts of the town, as manifested by the presence of memorial monuments, museum, and tiles designs found at the walls of some important buildings. Christopher Columbus also started his third voyage here. Aside from its historical importance, the town also boasts of being home to Donana Parque Nacional, which covers some 50, 720 hectares.

The town of Sanlucar is a cozy one, and not yet corrupted by the effects of mass tourism. Its charming center is teeming with cozy cafes and restaurants which are frequented by locals. It has its own castle, the Castillo Santiago and a number of historic churches. Also, it is famous for manzanilla, a local sherry produced mostly in the region.


Our coming back to Sanlucar was premature. We did not expect to be back here until February. But because we were experiencing only bad weather in Portugal, we decided to drive to Spain, specifically Sanlucar. From Evora, (Portugal), a UNESCO World Heritage site which we haven’t been able to explore yet, we drove almost 500 kilometers to get here. And just like what I have previously written, it was like coming back home!  We stayed in the same camping park where we stayed the last time, along the Avenida Piletas. And it was the longest time ever that we have stayed in one place – two weeks (January 8-20, 2016).  Those two weeks were like a prelude to our future living in Spain: relaxed. We were not in a hurry to see the sights. We were there to live, enjoy and savor every moments we had together. We did what the locals did : strolling on the beach promenade, wandering in the center, window shopping, going to the market regularly, visiting cafes and whiling the time away.

IMG_20160109_120348 (500x375)

Our campsite

Camping Site :  Parking Avenida delas Piletas,      11540 Sanlucar de Barrameda

Coordinates :    N:  36.78395       W:  6.35938

This is a free parking area for campers, complete with services, situated opposite the beach. It is usually full in the weekends. Many stay here for longer time.


We  didn’t do much sightseeing in Sanlucar; we tried to live a regular life and not act as tourists. We did simple things, just what the local people did. Allow  us to give you a glimpse of our one ordinary day. It was one fine Sunday, January 10, 2016.

9:30   Breakfast

We normally have our breakfast at this time. Usually, we have only bread and tea. But because it was Sunday, Hans made scrambled egg.

IMG_20160110_110551 (375x500)

The Altar of Sto. Domingo Church

10:30 Eucharistic Mass

If it is possible, we attend a mass in a town where we are staying. And it was very much possible in Sanlucar. We went to attend the Eucharistic celebration at Sto. Domingo Church; and it was a rather short mass for a Sunday. It took only 30 minutes! The priest was like murmuring only to himself, and there was no choir.






IMG_20160114_114121 (375x500)

The best churros in town!

11:30 Coffee Break

Spaniards love to drink coffee. We, too! We had our coffee and churros at Bar-Restaurant Jaula, our usual café. It is located just opposite the temporary public market and La Gitana. I bought my churros for 1.50 at the small stand opposite the café. Delicious! The best churros I have ever had!

12:30 Stroll at Playa de Piletas

The promenade of Playa de Piletas was busy with tourists and locals alike, who were all enjoying the nice weather. We did a long walk along the promenade up to Baia de Guia where the old Fabrica de Hielo is located, and where the ferry to the other part of the Natural Park departs.

DSC02236 (500x375)

Normal sight on the beach of Sanlucar

14:30 Snacks at Bar Jaula

Áfter taking a long walk, we went back to Bar Jaula and treated ourselves with drinks and racion of arroz de marinera. It cost us only 7.50 euro! The bar was almost full, as it was popular with the locals here.

IMG_20160110_140607 (500x375)

At Bar-Cafe La Jaula, ooposite the public market

15:30 Walk Around Town

We did a long walk around the town, passing important buildings such as the Ayuntamiento and Santiago castle, a couple of old churches such as Nuestra Senora dela O and Nuestra Senora del Carmen, and also passed some of the manzanilla bodegas.

IMG_20160130_132255 (500x375)

Plaza Cabildo, on a Sunday afternoon

18.00 Enjoying sunset

IMG_20160113_182600 (500x375)

Beautiful sunset in Sanlucar


IMG_20160110_193213 (375x500)

Me, cooking chicken curry

19:00 Dinner time

I love to cook. And as much as possible, we always have dinner in the camper. It saves us a lot and it also give me a chance to improve my cooking skills. Tonight, we had rice with chicken curry!

22:00 Lights out!

We ended our Sunday with a glass of wine. What a fine Sunday it was. And we are looking forward to a new day.

DSC02276 (500x375)

Our customary picture together 🙂


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