Below is the overview of  the different parking / camping areas we have been to during our camper adventure in Eastern Germany and in the Harz Region from June  26 – August 8, 2016.

a. Braunschweig

Campsite : Parking, BurgerPark

Theodor-Hause strasse

38122 Braunschweig

Coordinates :   N:  52.2497     E:  10.51816

A rather big parking area located near the Burger Park reserved for mobile home vehicles. It could accomodate at least 16  RVs. It is about 1.5 kilometers to the city center which could be reached by a nice stroll in the park, following the Oker river, or by cycling. It is free of charge, but Rvs can stay here for a maximum of two days. There are facilities like clean water, electricity and place for chemical toilet. Possible to  bike up to Wolfenbuttel. 20160627_184925-500x281

b. Dresden

Campsite : Parking,  Pieschener Allee

Friedrichtstrasse   01067  Dresden

Coordinates :   N:  51.06199     E:  13.73021

 It is a big mix parking area located along the riverbank, near the Marienbridge .Official parking area costs 7 euro per day, but since we parked a little further from the official area, it was free. It is about 1 kilometer from the city center. There are further no other facilities. The area is also the gathering point of Dresden police force when there is a football match in the city.20160804_193129-500x281

c. Gifhorn

Campsite : Konrad Adenauer Strasse

38528 Gifhorn

Coordinates :   N:  52.48444    E:   10. 55400

A parking area reserved for campers. Fee is 5 euro per day. Water and electricity can be obtained for a small price. There is facility for chemical toilet and waste water. The centre is  about 1.5 kilometer away.20160705_101649-500x375

d. Harz

d.1. Brocken-Schierke

Parking : Parking Am Thalchen, Hagenstrasse

38879  Schierke

Coordinates :   N;  51.76455    E:  10. 66685

Parking area reserved for mobilhomes and big buses. It is situated next to a big parking area for cars . It is free of charge, but overnight stay is not allowed. There are information boards located at the parking area and the hike to Brocken also starts here.20160722_102918-500x281

d.2. Goslar

Campsite : Parking Fullekuhle,       Bertha von Suttner strasse

38640  Goslar

Coordinates : N:  51.91003       E:   10.41785

 It is a free mix-parking about 1 kilometer from the city center with reserved areas for mobilehomes. There are however no other facilities. Some complained about the traffic noise, but we didn’t have any problem with that. It is an ideal place to visit Goslar.20160714_194826-500x281

d.3. Hahneklee

Campsite : Am Bocksberg

38644 Hahnenklee

Coordinates : N:  51.85757     E:  10.34176

A big  mix-parking area  at Am Bocksberg, near the stave church where there are at least 8 reserved places for campers. Water is available for 2 euros for 80 liters and there is a possibility to waste the chemical toilet. It is about 500 meters to the small village center and the starting point for the famous walking route, the Liebesbankweg. We stayed here  for two nights, upon reporting to the tourist office and paying 4.60 for tourist tax. Internet available at the Tourist office.20160716_164322-500x281

d.4. Quedlinburg

Parksite : Parking Schlossparkplatz (Bowling center)

Schenkgasse     06484   Quedlinburg

Coordinates : N:  51.78746    E:   11.13495

Small mix-parking with 6 reserved parking areas for mobilhomes. Fee is 10 euro per day, with extra visitor’s fee of 5 euro for overnight stay. 3 hour-stay is 4.50 euro. Facilities for water, electricity and chemical toilet are present. Old town is about 10 minutes walk.dsc09802-500x282

d.5. Romkerhalle

Parking Area : Parking at Romkerhalle Kraftwerk

Okertal 18  38644 Romkerhalle

Free parking area near the waterfall. It is also the starting point of the hike in Okertal. No other facilities.dsc09542-500x282

d.6. Thale

Campsite : Parking, Seilbahnen


06502 Thale

Coordinates :   N:   51.74602    E:  11.02501

 It is a big mix-parking area, free of charge, used mainly by visitors of the cable cars and amusement parks in the area. There are no other services, not even a waste container! It was busy during the day, but really quiet at night. We stayed here for 3 days, from July 23-25, 2016.20160723_084935-500x281

d.7. Wernigerode

Campsite :   Parking Am Katzenteich

38855 Wernigerode

Coordinates : N;  51.83892     E:  10.7815

Parking area specially reserved for mobilhomes at parking Am Katzenteich. Fee is 5 euro and you can stay there as long as you want. There is place for at least 16 mobile homes; water filling is 1 euro per 40 liters, electricity is 1 euro per 1 kwh. The Altstadt is about 1 kilometer walk. We stayed here for 5 days, from July 17-21, 2016. 20160719_093619-500x281

e.  Leipzig

Campsite :  Parking Stadthafen

Schreberstasse   04109  Leipzig

Coordinates :    N:  51.33855     E:  12. 35974

 The parking costs 4 euro a day; there is a ticket machine at the area. Nice location, by the Stadthafen, where one can play volleyball, hire a bbq table, or do a boat tour. Most of the parking spaces are reserved; one has to drive as little further at the back. It is about 1 kilometer to the city center, which can be reached through 15-minute walk or by biking. There are no other facilities.


f.  Magdeburg

Campsite : Parking Petriforder 1

39126 Magdeburg

Coordinates :   N:  52.13435    E:  11.64965

Parking area along the Elbe River where  boat tours normally start.  Fee is 8 euro (it seemed that one can stay here as long as he want), which you pay upon driving through an automatic port.  Facilities for clean water and chemical toilet are present; no electricity. There is  a nice view of the Elbe river and we saw the coming and going of tourboats. A beach bar is on the corner; the city is about 1.5 kilometer away; and there are nice biking routes along the river. The place is  busy and a bit noisy (summer period). But for the rest, we have enjoyed our stay here. We stayed here for 4 days.20160728_200749-500x281

g.  Meissen

Campsite :   Hochuferstrasse      01662 Meissen

Coordinates :   N:  51.1638    E:  13.47509

 It is a nice parking area reserved for mobile homes and lies along the Elbe River. Fee is 5 euro per day. It is about 700 meters to the old city center which can be reached by following the path which goes partly under the small tunnel. It is also possible to park on the other side of the river, for free, but the surface is a little rough and it looks a bit unsafe.


h. Salzgitter

Campsite :  Parking Salzgitter See,   Zum Salzgitter See 45

                       38228 Salzgitter

Coordinates :   N:  52.15126    E:  10.31323

It is a spacious free parking area reserved for campers. Location is very nice, with view of the Salzgitter See. There are facilities present like water, electricity and emptying of chemical toilet. A nice place to relax, stroll or cycle around the lake. The city is about 1.5 kilometer aaway.20160709_190749-500x375

i. Wolfsburg

Campsite : Autostadt VW

                   Stadtbrucke    38440   Wolfsburg

Coordinates :   N:   52.43517      E:  10.79878

It is at the reserved parking area for campers at the parking lot by Autostadt. Fee is 6 euro per day, including electricity and water. But because we didn’t have the need for such, we just parked at the P3 for 3 euro per day (with permission from the parking authorities). The area is of course, ideal to visit the Autostadt, and also the city center, the castle and the Allersee. We stayed here for three days, from July 5-7, 2016.

20160706_094332-500x375j.  Zittau

Campsite : Am Drielanderech

                   Bruckenstrasse 23      02763 Zittau

Coordinates :   N:  50.89417      E:  14.82139

 The fee is 7 euro/24 hours; the area has complete facilities for mobile homes . Water and electricity can be obtained for a small price. We stayed here on August 8, 2016.



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