One of the major advantages of travelling with the mobile home is that we could be as flexible as we can. We might have made a travel plan but we could  easily change it according to our tempo and on what we have read and learned along the way. After visiting Wolfsburg, we decided to alter our  plan. Instead of driving through to Magdeburg, we went to Harz instead. But first, we made a short stop over in Salzgitter. This stop over  gave us our much- needed rest. Here, we did practically nothing !Salzgitter is about 23 kilometers from Braunschweig. We arrived here on July 8 and left on July 11. We had a wonderful stay in a parking area especially reserved for campers. The area is near the Salgitter See, it is free of charge and there are facilities such as water and electrical supply and place for chemical toilet wastes. It is about 1.5 kilometer to the city center.

 Campsite : Parking Salzgitter See,            Zum Salzgittersee 45

                       38228 Salzgitter

 Coordinates :   N:  52.15126       E:  10.31323


 Salzgitter is one of the leading industrial towns in the Lower Saxony Region in Germany. It is most known for its salt deposits.  Though in my opinion, the town center has nothing much to offer to tourists. There are no impressive historical and modern buildings and the choice of shops and restaurants are limited. However, the Salzgitter See makes up for the town’s lack of touristic allure. Salzgitter See is the area’s major aquatic sport center. With an area of 75 hectares, there is room for everyone to enjoy : water surfing and skiing , canoeing, swimming, fishing, sailing, rowing or just sunbathing. It is an ideal place for a family day out; there are playground places, barbeque facilities, restaurants, and a very nice laid out biking and jogging paths.

 Hans and I spent wonderful relaxed days here . We practically did nothing but just lazying around, biking, fishing, shopping, enjoying the nice  warm weather we’ve had; and of course,  and making contact with fellow travellers.

Hans’relaxing moments

My relaxing moments


 Before leaving Salzgitter, Hans and I made a short visit to Schloss Salder (Salder Castle). We’ve heard about its existence from a fellow traveller and he talked about it with so much enthusiasm that we decided to drive up here.

 Salder Castle , which is situated just 2.5 kilometers from Salzgitter See, was built in 1608 and is more than 400 years old. It has belonged to the municipality of Salzgitter since 1955 and now houses the Municipal Museum.

 The Municipal Museum Château Salder is divided into three museums. In the Museum for Municipal History the visitor can gain many interesting impressions ranging from the geological beginnings, through primeval and early history, the Middle Ages and the succeeding time up to the 20th-century developments. The Museum for Industry, Technology, Labour and Mobility depicts the industrial and technological history of Salzgitter and the region between the Harz Mountains and the Lüneburg Heath since the 19th century.

 Excerpt from  Salzgitter Tourist website (

Entrance to the museum is free. Visitors can, however, drop a donation in the donation box found at the entrance. After visiting the museum, we went to the Castle restaurant for a good coffe and cake. Feeling refreshed and energized, we then continued our camper adventure. Harz is waiting for us….


Our customary picture together




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