Located just about 18 kilometers from the historic city of Goslar, the small village of Hahneklee is like a small paradise. It is located up high in the Harz mountains, lying about 450 meters above sea level. It is an idyllic place, just a perfect spot to have weekend of rest, solitude and tranquillity. It is  also a place for people who love winter activities.

We have learned about this small piece of paradise when we were in Goslar and collecting some information about the area. We came across the brochure over Hahneklee and read about the Liebesbankweg. It was just a half hour drive from Goslar so we decided to drive there, even if it was a little out of our route.  The drive to Hahneklee was pretty exciting; it reminded us of driving in Norway. There were lots of sharp curves, and thought the road is good, though it is rather narrow. We were driving up  and I was having my fast heartbeats again!

Impressions of Hahneklee

We parked at the big mix-parking area at Am Bocksberg, near the stave church where there are at least 8 reserved places for campers. Water is available for 2 euros for 80 liters and there is a possibility to empty the chemical toilet. It is about 500 meters to the small village center and the starting point for the famous walking route, the Liebesbankweg. We stayed here  for two nights (July 15-16, 2016). We had to report however to the  tourist office and pay 4.60 for tourist tax.

Campsite : Am Bocksberg       38644 Hahnenklee

Coordinates : N:  51.85757     E:  10.34176



The Liebesbankweg (Love Bench Path) is a famous 7 kilometer circular trail with Love as its main theme. The walker gets a certificate upon completion of the walk, provided he/she has collected three stamps. Being a kind of romanticus, I was so excited to go in Hahneklee to do the walk . And I was really glad that we did drive up here and did the walk.  The walk was really wonderful! The path is easy and suited for all ages, the views are fantastic, the idyllic forests and lakes with crystal clear water are  relaxing, and  the love benches are cute and charming, and the love stories are educative and interesting. On top of it all, we were lucky on the day that we did the walk as the weather was cooperative. We couldn’t say that  that on the days of our arrival and departure from the place .


The Liebesbankweg map

The Liebesbankweg is so special. It follows a certain story, from the moment that two innocent people strangers to each other meet each other, fall in love, got engaged, married and shared many happy years of married life together. The beautiful love benches  along the way and the love poems inscripted on stones made it more romantic. It was such fun reading all the stories and sitting and taking pictures of all those charming love benches. The route was just 7 kilometers long, but it took us 5 hours to finish it as we really took our time, enjoyed the walk, the sceneries and the nice weather on that day.

Views along the way

We started at 9 in the morning (a bit early for my part) and finished at 14.00 in the afternoon! We started up early to avoid the crowd that would be flocking up on that beautiful Saturday. It was also a good thing that the starting point and endpoint is just at the parking area.

The Stave Church of Hahneklee

We ended our walk by the Stave Church, a famous wooden church in Hahneklee built after the design of the stave churches in Norway.  We obtained our certificate the following day, Sunday as the tourist office was already closed when we got there on Saturday.

Stamping point and our Certificate


The Liebesbankweg has 25 individually designed love benches combined with stories representing the different phases of love and marriage. Here are some of them.

  1. The Rendezvous Bench – The bench about two people meeting each other and having butterflies in their stomach.


2.  The Archway of Love – this is the official start of the Liebesbankweg where two young people begin their journey to discover love. In love, two beings become one, yet they remain two. A big granite block weighing 1.5 ton is placed under a wooden arch and a sculpture of two people together was carved out of the granite, symbolizing escape from the burdens of their surroundings and together, they journey to the unknown.


Poetry  Stones and the Archway of Love

3.  The Catch Me If You Can Bench – Being new to the relationship, love at this point is playful and has its jokes, flirts and jests.


4.  The Engagement Bench – The two lovers in this stage are full of expectations and look at their shared future and quite ready to take the next big step.


5.  The Love Bench – The two lovers are married, hoping for a happy life together. The bench was placed on a higher grounds to symbolize its significance.


6.  The Paper Wedding Bench – The two lovers has survived the first year of marriage, but the relationship is still like a piece of paper with its thinness; the future is still uncertain.



7.  The Rose Wedding Bench -The lovers has reached 10 years of marriage. But just like every rose has its thorns, every marriage has its problems also.


8.   The Nickel Wedding Bench – The lovers has reached 12 1/5 years of marriage, almost similar to silver, but not as valuable.


9.  The Violet Wedding Bench – After 13 years, there is always a room for modesty. Violets remind the lovers to count their blessings and foster mutual understanding.


10. The Silver Wedding Bench – The 25 years of marriage has proved that love will endure.


11.  The Linen Wedding Bench – After 35 years , the two lovers has proved that their marriage, just like linen, is indestructible.


12.  The Ruby Wedding Bench – It signifies 40 years of marriage and that the flame of love still burns brightly and repeatedly kindled.


13. The Golden Wedding bench – Just like gold, the marriage has successfully withstand all difficulties after 50 years. It is time to renew the wedding vows.


14. The Diamond Wedding bench – Like a diamond, love is everlasting. Nothing can upset the marriage after 60 years.


15. The Crown Jewels Wedding Bench – It symbolizes the 75th year of marriage, the culmination       of a long and fulfilled married life.


We had a very wonderful leisurely day during our walk. And on top of all, it felt that our love for each other was rekindled as we read those sweet stories and sat on those love benches together. So if you want to be inspired, fall in love again,  feel romantic with your special loved one and follow the trail of the Liebesbankweg.

Romantic pictures together 🙂


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