We came….we saw…we left….

 That was basically the gist of our stay during our short vist to Quedlinburg.  Quedlinburg, a medieval historic town in Saxon-Anhalt in Germany, was listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and one of the best preserved medieval-renaissance town in Germany. It boasts of having lots of monuments from Romanesque times, more than 2000 half-timbered houses, lots of turn-of-the-century villas , and of course the castle which was  majestically  built on a big solid stonehill!

These are reasons enough for a visiting tourist to stay for at least a day and appreciate these special features. But it didn’t work in our way! We only stayed three  hours here, had a very quick tour of the old town, a short visit to the castle and its gardens and then we’re gone.

 There are several factors that has contributed to this rather unusual short visit :

  1. The parking for camper costs at least 10 euro per day, and an addition visitor fee of 5 euro per day is charged for overnight stay. There are three parkings, and these are just basic ones. We found it rather costly. That is why we opted for a 3 hour-parking which cost 4.50.
  2. We have seen a number of villages with lots of half-timberframed houses that those we have seen in Quedlinburg didn’t impress us anymore. Wolfenbuttel is still the best for us!
  3. There was no available walking tour map of the town that we could personally use. The map we received from the tourist office had such small letters that I could hardly read! And we had to pay 4.50 euro  if we wanted a detailed map with suggested walking tour!
  4. We were still tired from the three big hikes that we did that our spirits were not yet that refreshed/relifted to do another town visit.

 We didn’t want to sound complaining and hard to please tourists. But that was just how we felt when we were in Quedlinburg. In fairness, we were greatly impressed the the Quedlinbug castle-Hill and its gardens. The views from there were amazing. Though we did not enter the castle museum and the Cathedral as that would again cost us extra 8 euro per person. Also we did enjoy our little walk in the town’s narrow cobbled alley. Those half-timbered houses were just charming!  But for sure, we have seen enough! A big pity that we haven’t really enjoyed and appreciated this special town.

Parksite : Parking Schlossparkplatz (Bowling center)

Schenkgasse     06484   Quedlinburg

Coordinates : N:  51.78746    E:   11.13495

Small mix-parking with 6 reserved parking areas for mobilhomes. Fee is 10 euro per day, with extra visitor’s fee of 5 euro for overnight stay. Facilities for water, electricity and chemical toilet are present. Old town is about 10 minutes walk.

Our customary pictures together


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