It has been more than a month now since we returned from our two-month journey with our D’Traveller in Norway. But still the memories we have made during this adventure are still so fresh that our desire to go back is so great, it aches! It was both our first time to be there, but it won’t surely be the last. Coming to this captivating country exceeded our expectations beyond belief. All the stunning pictures we’ve seen and amazing stories we’ve heard and read about this country simply proved to be all true! We’ve seen them with our own  eyes and experienced them first hand. Our hearts were captured; we both fell in love, and how! Our stay in the country was too short to discover and experience the many spectacular places and adventures Norway has to offer. We have the feeling we’ve only scratched the surface; that what we tasted was only the icing on a three-layer wedding cake! And I’m sure many of you out there who’ve been in Norway also share the same sentiments.

IMG_20150727_155822 (600x450)

Need I say more? (picture taken in a beach in Giske Island)

We’ve lined up the reasons why we became so madly in love with this wonderful country, and wish to come back for more. Maybe after reading this, you’d like to pack your bags or fill your camper with supplies and head on immediately.

1. Spectacular Landscapes

Norway is richly-endowed with varied spectacular landscapes which will leave you literally speechless! Driving thru Norway’s somewhat narrow and winding roads, you’ll be rewarded with fast – changing landscapes which will make you completely breathless! From flat strawberry fields to majestic towering snow-capped mountains; from calm and serene lakes to ravaging seas; from small rivers to kilometre-long fjords…you name it, Norway has it all. Be sure to have your camera always ready. You don’t want to miss that one special picture-perfect landscape.

P1380326 (600x450)

Amazing view at Geirangerfjord

DSC04577 (450x338)

Scenic Viglesdalen

DSC03982 (500x375)

Somewhere in Lysevegen

P1380028 (600x450)

Terrifying Trollstigen

2. Waterfalls Everywhere

It is for no reason that Norway is considered the Land of Thousand Waterfalls. Waterfalls are abundant in this paradise-like country. If you are keen on hiking, you’ll see some of the most majestic, powerful and highest waterfalls you’ve never dreamed of seeing! You’ll be mesmerized by their beauty and deafened by the thundering sound as the water drums down from a mighty cliff  to a welcoming river below. But even if you’re not into hiking, you’ll still be able to catch some glimpses of these falls as some are just found along the roads.

P1370017 (450x338)

The mighty Latefoss in Odda

IMG_20150708_103218 (450x338)

The Majestic Langfoss In Etne

P1370237 (600x450)

The mysterious Voringsfossen in Eidsfjord

P1370315 (600x450)

The special Steinsdalsfossen in Norheimsund

3.  Paradise for Hikers

We were immediately infected with the “hiking virus” since the first time we hiked in Norway (Gaustatoppen). Indeed, Norway is for active people who love to be out in the nature. There are countless valleys and mountains to hike and routes to follow. There are hikes which are suitable for children and adult, and for beginners and experts alike. Hikes, which are either marked or unmarked, can de done as short as a couple of hours, or as long as a few days, depending on your planned hike. You can visit Norwegian Trekking Association for  more information about outdoor activities. They also have cabins for rent if your plan to hike and camp somewhere.

DSC07474 (600x450)

The rocky path to Besseggen

IMG_20150614_114910 (600x450)

Snowy way to Gaustatoppen

4. Fishing Expeditions

Because of the many lakes, rivers and fjords found within Norway, the country is also a paradise for fishers. It is almost guaranteed that you’ll catch something once you throw your fishline in the water. We did, and we were able to catch some, which included sea trouts, mackerel, codfish, torsk,  pollock and even crabs! Unfortunately, we didn’t catch any salmon, as they normally thrive in freshwaters, and fishing in rivers and lakes requires a fishing licence which costs between 15-25 euros per day.

IMG_20150726_215542_1 (600x450)

Giant torsk caught in Giske Island

IMG_20150625_200032 (450x600)

First catch in Tau

5.  Feeling of Safety and Camper-Friendly

We’ve been to a lot of countries in Europe, both with a car and a camper, and we could say that Norway is the safest of them all. Yes, being in Norway gave us the safest feeling we had; a feeling we sadly didn’t have even in our own countries. We could just park our camper almost everywhere, be it in a very remote village or in a busy town, without worrying that it would be vandalized, or worse, broken into. We could leave our fishing gears or even shoes outside, and nobody gets or steal them. We couldn’t say or do the same thing in other countries that we’ve been to. Also Norway is very camper-friendly. Parking or camping is not a problem; there are sanitation facilities in public areas, mostly in gas stations. Water can be obtained by the nearest harbour or gas station at no cost.

DSC03665 (600x450)

Our first campsite in Gaustatoppen

P1350889 (600x450)

Campsite somewhere in Raudal

 6.  Charming Little Villages

Authentic little villages, wooden houses painted in either white, black, red, or yellow color, surrounded by wooden fences, cute old troll houses with grass growing on their roofs, old fishing boats moored at the village’s fishing harbour, charming small local café’s, and old stavkirkes (wooden churches) with small graveyard at the back…these are just some of the attributes that made us fell in love with Norway. Roaming around the villages such as Dalen and Valle brings you back in time, where customs and traditions are still being upheld and people still know everybody.

DSC04297 (450x338)

Charming white village of Skudeneshavn

DSC04664 (600x450)

Historic church in Jelsa

DSC03909 (450x338)

Museum in Valle

IMG_20150628_120321 (500x375)

Colorful houses in Sand

7. Friendly Local People

Last but not the least, Norwegian people are very friendly and trustworthy. In our experience, we met and talked with a lot of Norwegians and every time, it left us a good impression of who and how they are as people – a bit careful but friendly, helpful, accommodating, have time for a small chat, and trustworthy. I think this last reason made a big impact on the way we look at this beautiful country. Wonderful country + wonderful people: perfect combination!

P.S. Have you been in Norway? Please free to add what made you love this country as well. 🙂


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