Almost everyone is familiar with a recreational vehicle (RV) or camper. It is a kind of vehicle where you can take almost everything with you when you travel or go on a vacation. Especially in Europe, Holland in particular, it has been a familiar sight on the road. (Don’t mistake it however with a caravan, as the latter is attached to a separate car for mobility and has to be parked in a camping). I’ve first made acquaintance with a camper   some 12 years ago when Hans bought our first camper. That was the time when I had my first taste of  travelling with a camper, or an RV as it is called in other countries. But sadly, we had to sell the RV because we didn’t have much time before to travel. Since then we went on vacation using the other means of transportation such as airplane, car, and train.

IMAG0005 (450x338)

Our first RV, a Pilote Atlantis CX

DSC03868 (450x338)

D’Traveller, a Knaus 575…our travel buddy for the past two years now.

But we both missed travelling with a camper. So when Hans retired, we immediately went in search for a suitable recreational vehicle (RV) or camper which would be our travel buddy in discovering some wonderful places in Europe.  It was rather a long and difficult search, but finally , we were able to find one : a Knaus 575 which we aptly named D’Traveller 🙂

But what makes travelling with a camper so special? What makes it different from the rest?  I have made a short list why we are so sold out with travelling with a camper. Maybe after reading this, you may also want to buy one for you, and who knows, we see each other on the road 🙂

1. Home Away From Home

Because you almost have everything in a camper, such as sleeping space, the kitchen, bath/toilet, cabinets, furnace, etc, the camper serves as a “home away from home”. You may be in other parts of the country or even outside the country, but still, you have the feeling like you’re not away. You don’t have to go out everyday to eat, or stay in a hotel. Everything is almost within reach. An added plus is the feeling of familiarity. There is no better feeling than going “home” after a long day of sightseeing or lazying under the sun.

2. Flexibility

To be able to stay in a place as long or as short as you want; one day you are in a countryside, the next day in the city;  one moment you are climbing mountains, the next moment you are swimming in the sea. That is flexibility, and you have it when you are travelling with an RV. Added to that, the travel plan could also be easily adapted , when it is needed.

P1380292 (450x338)

Enjoying the view during a long hike in Norway

P1340278 (450x338) (2)

Magnificent view in Cuatro Calas, Spain

DSC00623 (450x338)

Relaxing in a deserted beach in Calabardina, Spain

DSC07707 (450x338)

Overlooking the city of Alicante, Spain

3.  Freedom

I think this is a very important plus factor with having an RV.  You are free to come and go where and when you want. No need to worry of booking for a room or camping beforehand, and being trapped with the booking. Because moving is so easy, travelling with an RV gives you the freedom to explore and discover as many places as you want and can; which you can not do when you are just with a normal means of transportation. And what extraordinary is, almost everyday you wake up with a different view!

IMG_20150103_085013 (450x105)

Panoramic view of the city of Alicante in Spain

DSC03408 (450x338)

Sunset in Duinkerque, France

4. Meeting New Friends

People who travel with an RV normally seek each other, either for safety, feeling of belongingness, technical matters, or enjoyment. They come together for pleasure, to exchange tips and tricks about camper life, and most of all, for friendship. Let us face it, you don’t have to become friends with everyone you meet along the way, but normally you strike a conversation with someone or a couple, and you realize that there is  click. I should say, this has worked for us during our first year of tavelling. we were able to meet some really nice people whom we became good friends in the end.

5. Costs Less

Because you are in a way like travelling with your “house”, travelling or going on vacation with a camper is also less expensive. You don’t have to rent a room, eat out or even stay in a camping. With an RV, you always have your room with you, you can prepare your own meals, and if you are lucky, you find a site where you can park the camper for  a mimimum tariff, or even for free! Of course, it helps a lot if you have a camper that is self-supporting, meaning you have your own electricity source (solar).

DSC00501 (450x338)

Free campsite in Playa Arroz, Spain

 There you are! If you can still add some advantages of travelling with a camper, please feel free to add to the comment below . Happy travelling 🙂


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