Travelling around with the camper in the Czech Republic is not that easy. Camping or rather parking grounds for campers are few; unless you are prepared to stay most of the times in a camping. But we were not used to that. We preferred more freedom and as much as possible stay as close as possible to the place we wanted to visit. It worked a couple of times, but we were also forced to stay in a camping because then it was the safest way and logical thing to do.

Here is a list of the places we have stayed in The Czech Republic:

1.  Hradec Kralove


Campsite : Autokemp Stribrny Rybnik

Malsova Lhota

50003 Hradec Kralovy

Coordinates :   N:  50.20341    E:  15.89414

It is a big family camping with a nice pond called the Silver Pond (Stribrny Rybnik). It has good facilities : clean and spacious shower rooms and toilets; possibility for laundry; barbeque, swimming, fishing, biking and walking. There is also a monkeypark in the area, ideal for children. Fee is 180 crowns (Kroon) per camper + 80 crowns per person. We paid a total of 340 crowns for one day. The bus stop to the city is about 1 kilometer away. Fee is 12 crowns, one way and the ride takes at least 12 minutes.

2.  Prachovske Skaly

Campsite :   Parking, Prachovsky Skaly

50601 Prachov 1, Zamosti-Blata


Coordinates :   N:  50.46910    E:  15.28452

It is a reasonably-sized parking area in Prachovsky where the tourist hut is also located. It is the starting point for hikes in Prachovsky Rocks. There is a restaurant and souvenir shops in the area. Fee is 100 Kr per day.  It is advised to drive here late in the afternoon when the day hikers are gone. We stayed here for one night, with 2 other campers.  There is another parking area before this place; you just have to drive past it.

3.  Kutna Hora


Parking Site :   Public Parking, Kutna Hora

Husova Street

28401 Kutna Hora

Coordinates :   N:  49.94862    E:  15.26175

It is a rather small free public parking area located at Husova street, just about 1 kilometer to the town center and 500 meters to the Cathedral of St. Barbara. It was always full, and we had just the luck that someone just left the parking when we arrived.  There is also a free parking area in front of the Cathedral of the Ascencion of Our lady St. John The Baptist.

Parking at Cathedral of St. John the Baptist :   Corner of Zamecka and U Zastavky

Coordinates :   N:  49.9619011    E :  15.2883119

This is bigger than the one near the town center and also possible for overnight stay. We parked here when we visited the two monuments

4.  Prague 

Campsite :   Camp Penzion Dana Troja

Trojska 129

171 00 Praha 71

Coordinates :   N: 50.11696   E :  14.43154

It is a small city camping located just about 7 kilometers from the city. Facilities are available such as WIFI, cafeteria, showers, laundry, magnetron, water, and electricity. Price is 510 crowns (Kr) per day which is equivalent to 20 euros. The city is easily accessible in 15 minutes by taking Tram 17 and getting off at the 7th stop – Staremesto.  Price per ride is 24 Kr. We stayed here for 2 days.

5.  Pilzen


Parksite :   Parking, Pilsner Urquell Brewery

U Prazdroje 7

304 97 Plzen



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