It was time to go. Our first great escape was about to begin. Hans and I left Gaanderen one gloomy Saturday morning, October 25, 2014 at around 10.45, with the whole family waving us goodbye and wishing us a safe and happy travels. It was rather a touching moment, as we were not quite sure how long we will be away, and when we will be seeing them again : March or April next year, or maybe earlier ???

 I have programmed the navigator (the one Hans bought especially for campers and trucks) to Jumieges, in the vicinity of Rouen which is around 650 kms away. But because that was new, I must first be acquainted with it, and some of the features were just annoying like the voice of the lady and the constant warnings. I also missed what we have in MIO. At one time, I switched to the old MIO again.

 It was already 15.00 in the afternoon, and because Jumieges seemed still far away, we decided to stop at Amiens in France and arrived there at around 17.15.


We were already in this city some 2 months ago when we were on our way back home after our Loire Castle Tour. But we were not able to see much of the city because of the bad weather.

 We camped at Parking Parc Moulin St. Pierre, a free mix-parking for cars and mobile homes (for at least 10 campers) situated just next the beautiful park St. Pierre. It has public wc’s and garbage bins all around the park. It is a nice place, you can jog, fish, stroll or even do some sports like tennis or basketball. Also ideal for campers with children as there are playground all over.  The city center is just 500 meters away, you can reach it through astroll in the park.

Campsite :  Parking Parc Moulin St. Pierre

                     Rue Massey 80000 Amiens   France

Coordinates : N 49.90013 E. 2.31166


 We had a very relaxed day. In the morning we had a self tour of the city, visiting the Cathedral Notre Dame de Amiens, which is built from 1220-1260, and could hold 2 cathedrals the size of Notre Dame Paris. It has also very many sculptures about St. John the Baptist and a relic of the Saint. In the middle of the nave is a sort maze.


AMIENS is also called the little Venice of the North or the Giethoorn of France because of the many cute little bridges that connect the different parts of the city. The houses are intimately linked to the houses especially in Saint Leu and along the Chemin de Halage, along promenade by the waters. We had here a wonderful stroll for at least couple of hours. There was also a fishing competition later in the afternoon which was participated by at least 20 fishers.

Amiens was an ideal stopover for us on our way to the South. The distace from Gaanderen to here was reasonably good and the city itself was nice and cozy. Who knows, we come back here again?

Our customary pictures together



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