OUR POLAND ADVENTURE (August 9-22, 2016)

 Here is the list of our camping/parking sites in Poland during our camper adventure in the summer of 2016.  It was difficult to find a spacious, safe and free parking areas in the country. We had to park one time in a camping, and the rest of the times, in paid  small parking areas.

  1. Katowice

Camping : Camping 215 Dolina

                     Uli. Trzech Stawow 23

                    40-266 Katowice

Coordinates : N:  50.24357     E:   19.04796

It is a nice camping with new sanitary facilities. Toilets and shower areas are spacious. There is also facility for laundry. WIFI is available, but the signal is weak! Fee is 15 zloty per person + 25 zloty per camper. The city center is about 4 kilometers which can be easily reached by a bus. Bus stop is about 500 meters from the camping.

2.  Auschwitz-Birkenau

Campsite : Parking , Auschwitz Museum

                      Uli. Stanislawy Leszczynskieg


Coordinates :   N:  50.02658    E:  19.20020

It is a big mix-parking found opposite the Auschwitz Museum. Tourist information is just around the corner. Fee is 40 zloty/day; plus extra 20 zloty for overnight stay. There is also a possibility to park inside the museum grounds, or at the parking area in Birkenau.

3.  Wieliczka


Campsite :   Parking (Buses), Uli.  Eduarda Dembowskiego

                       32-020 Wieliczka

Coordinates :   N;  49.99003    E:  20.04674

It is a free parking area for buses, next to P&R and gasoline station Artus.  It is about 800 meters to the salt mine.

4.  Krakow

Address : Parking, El Camp Car Service

                   Ul. Tyniecka 118 E

                  30-376 Krakow

Coordinates : N:  50.03418    E: 19.87658

It is a an ideal parking area for campers owned by a private company/car company. It is  just 7 kilometers from the city center, which could easily be reached by a bus or by biking. We did a lot of biking here, as Krakow is also a bit suitable for biking. The parking costs 7.50 euro per day. Internet, water and disposal of chemical toilet is free. Electricity can be obtained for a small price.We stayed here for 5 days.

5. Kalwaria Zebryzdowska


Camp/Parksite :   Parking, Kalwaria Zebryzdowska Sanctuary

Bernardynska 1      34-130  Kalwaria Zebryzdowska

Coordinates :   N: 49.85928     E:   19. 67393

It is just a big free mix-parking area, with no other facilities. Toilet is at the nearby restaurant.

 6.  Pinieny National Park


Campsite :   Parking, Rafting Marina

                       Uli. Trzech Koron

                      Smorowce Nizne

Coordinates :   N:   49.39927    E:  20.41283

It is a small parking area located just 200 meters from the rafting marina and ticketing office and about half kilometre from the starting point for hiking to Tryz Korony. Fee is 12 zloty per day. Grand view of Tryz Korony. No other facilities.

7.  Zakopane


 Campsite :   M. Karlowicza 16

                     Kuznice (Zakopane)

 It was not an official parking area. It was just an open area next to a construction site. Fee was 20 zloty/day. It was about 1.5 kilometers from the cable car station to Kasprowy Wierch. We stayed here for three days.


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