COMING TO ALESUND (July 15, 2015)

It was Monday afternoon when Hans and I decided to drive to Alesund. It was about 1.5 hour drive from Stranda. We followed Road 60, until we came to a ferry terminal in Orsneset. We then took a 15-minute ferry ride from Orsneset to Magerholm which we paid 108 NOK for. At around 15.30, we arrived in Alesund, and tried to find a parking. It was difficult to find a normal parking area in Alesund, as most of the parking are either for the residents, or only for maximum of 2 hours. There is a camping place but the fee is 250 NOK/24 hr, or 25 NOK per hour. Finally before 4 pm, we found a place near the ferry terminal, where a wooden ship is being built, In Nedre Strandgate. Parking fee is 120 NOK/day, 15 NOK per hour. From 16.00-08.00 is free, Sunday parking is free.  We parked here for free, as it was already 4 pm. Surprisingly, we slept here very good.

 Campsite : Parking, Keiser Wilhelm’s Gate

                        6003 Alesund (More og Romsdal)

Coordinates : N: 62.46997      E : 6.14995

 It is one of the two designated parking in this area; the other one doesn’t have free parking from 16.00-.8.00 and the price is also higher. In front is Bunnpris supermarket. It is walking distance to the center.

P1370698 (500x375)

We only stayed here for one night. The following day, at 8.00 in the morning, we drove to the Bobil camping place, and parked there for one hour. We paid 25 NOK for parking, but then, we were able to use the facilities like toilet and showers, emptying of chemical toilet and filling our fresh water tank. All in an hour time. After that we drove to Aksla mountain, where the viewpoint for Alesund is. We parked the camper here , free of charge, and descended down via the mountain steps to see the town. It was a very nice overnight place, we have the view of Alesund, morning and evening. It was just a bit busy even in late hours because many people were still climbing up to see the view.

 Campsite : Fjellstua – Aksla           6003 Alesund

Coordinates : N : 62.47437     E : 6.16505

IMG_20150721_193453_1 (500x375)


Long before we went to Norway, I have seen picture of Alesund in internet, and was mesmerized by its beauty, especially the view from the mountain. This picture haunted me for several weeks. When we arrived in the city, we went to the tourist office and asked for information. They have that picture hanging on the wall and the woman told us where to go to get that view, and that is in Aksla mountain viewpoint, which can be reached via the 418 steps to the top, or by car.   When we knew we could park there, the idea came out to park the camper there the second day and from there, explore the city; which we found a very clever idea, as it saved us money for parking.

DSC05831 (1000x220)

 So early the next day, about 9.20, we were already at Aksla viewpoint. The road was long and winding, and also narrow. There was a big bus and a camper parked there already when we arrived. Having found a good spot to park (it was just a small area for parking, though), we had our breakfast. After that, we hurriedly went to Fjellstua café, which was also the viewpoint. It was closed and would not be open for the next 1.5 hour! What we did was (sshhh!) we climbed the fence to go to the other side. Finally, the view that was so long in my mind is now right before my very own eyes! Magnificent! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Alesund at our feet! With the views of the wooden houses along the harbour, the park, the lighthouse, and all the small islands around it, with some noticeably big mountains too!

All, we could see in this spot! What more, it was quiet, as it was still early; except for a few tourists who also climbed the fence, we could move freely as we wanted. We drowned ourselves with the delightful sight before us; after a while, we decided to go back to the camper. We were having our coffee when it began to rain.

 It was almost 13.00 when we could finally leave to visit the town. We had to climb down the 418 steps on the way to the center. But it was easy, just a 10 minute descent. After that, we explored the city, walking to the     so-called Art Nouveau Center, which made ALESUND famous of. Indeed, walking through Apotekergata is like walking around in one of old towns in Germany. The area is has many remarkable buildings which bear resemblance to the construction styles in Germany in the early years. We learned later that there was a big fire in that place in 1904. And Keiser Wilhelm commissioned German architects and builders to rebuild the place, thus, the influence of German style.

We saw many spires, towers and facades decorated with beautiful ornaments.  We then  continued our walk, along the way, we chanced upon a glass blowing factory and stayed there to watch a while. After a while, we then walked on past the Fishermen’s Museum up to the lighthouse. From here we have a different nice view of the city of ALesund. We could see the Aksla mountain, with the Fjellstua viewpoint and the people who were climbing at that time who seemed like small ants crawling to the top. It was also in this area that we saw a very nice antique shop. I found a very special glass hat, but sadly I couldn’t get it for my price.

 From the antique shop, we found an almost hidden steps in going up again which further led us to another viewpoint near the school. We rested here for a while, took some picture and had a quick bite. We walked on the church, which unfortunately was closed. It was already getting very late so we decided it was time to get back, knowing we still had to climb the 418 steps up back to the camper. We first fetched the Viking boots in a shop which we bought early this day, had some groceries and started our climb back. The climb took us about 25 minutes. It was a very well-made path, with lots of sitting areas for persons who get tired from climbing, or who want to sit down and enjoy the view! And in the evening, the pathway is lighted! We had a good dinner that night. It was good weather; we were still able to sit outside and waited for nightfall to enjoy the views. Our waiting was rewarded, as when it began to get dark, the lights at the center were lighted and it gave a very marvellous view from the Aksla viewpoint. What a good way to end a busy day in Alesund! We really had wonderful two days experience in Alesund from July 15-16, 2015.

DSC05968 (500x375)

Our customary picture together 🙂





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