Hans’ daughter and her family (husband Ruben and children Megan, Milan and Liam) planned to have a 2-week vacation in Norway, specifically in Olden. Such being the case, we have agreed to see them there on the times that they were there. It was July 14 when they arrived in Olden. Hans and I were in Bergen at that time, and at our pace, it would take us at least 10 days before we arrive in Olden, considering we have planned our route first driving thru Sognefjord. But because the family has just also altered their plan and would not stay longer in Olden because of bad weather, Hans and I made a compromise of driving straight from Bergen to Olden, and drive back to Sognefjord on our return home. It was a 282 km-drive, but stupidly, we had made a wrong turn, and it has caused us extra 80 kilometers driving! Anyway, from Bergen, we drove to Voss, going  to Vik, took the ferry in Vangnes and drove to Hella, following  road 55 to Sogndal, then driving to Myrkadal, then to Olden. There were many interesting and spectacular spots along the way, such as waterfalls, viewpoints, snow, valleys and even glacier; but we didn’t made a single stop because every stop would mean at least 30 minutes- delay. Sadly, we had to drive on.

 After almost 6 hours of driving, we finally reached Olden, drove another 8 km from the center until we reached where the family was staying, in Camping Oldevatn. We stayed here for 2 days, parking  D”Traveller next to the wooden hut the family rented for at least 5 days. (free of charge, which was rather nice from the owner of the camping).

 Campsite : Camping Oldevatn         Oldevatn          6788 Olden

Coordinates :   N: 61.45273     E: 6.48188

 Oldevatn is a very nice place; what made it extra special was the wonderful colors of the waters which was light green to dark green; and the view is so serene, the towering mountains are amazing with their extra ordinary forms. The place is tranquil, a perfect getaway for people who were searching for complete rest.


After more than a month, we saw the family again : Kim, Ruben and the three grandchildren, Megan, Liam and Milan. It was a happy and exciting event. They were staying in a beautifu cozy wooden hut which was more elevated than the other huts in the camping, with spectacular views of the mountains and the river.  We received from Kim bags full of groceries from Holland, which saved us again the needed euro’s. After having bread meal, Hans and I immediately went for a short mountain hiking with the two boys, Milan and Liam. It was just a short. Not so steep path, passing thru grasslands and crossing a small creek. Now crossing that creek was another story , as Milan fell in the water while crossing the creek! Fortunately there was no further damage or injury!


Briksdal glacier lies on the north side of Jostedalsbreen, in Briksdalen which is located at the end of of the Oldedalen valley. It has said to be rapidly decreased in mass and size since 1800 up to present. Briksdal glacier is easily accessible by foot or by trolley car.

From the parking, it is just a small 45 minute hike up to the glacier. The hike led us to wonderful sights around the area, such as views of towering mountains with waterfalls, rapidly flowing river, the mighty Kleivafossen which brings down 10,000 liters water per second, potholes, traces of small ice age in the area, and also some bits of information about the glacier.  Along the way, troll cars drove back and forth bringing tourists, mostly Japanese, to the glacier.

After almost n hour hike, we reached the river, with at the end, the mighty Briksdal glacier. The sight was phenomenal! Thick frozen ice lying firm and high on the mountains, for hundreds of years! It was sublime!

Another experience never to be forgotten, which was made  more special because we shared the same experience with the family!  After a lot of picture taking and admiring this wonder of a creation, we headed down to the car.  It was a tiring, yet rewarding day for us. And we were also lucky because the weather at this day cooperated!

 When we got back to the hut, the boys went fishing, and the women did the laundry. I had the chance also to do a bit of canoeing in the lake with Megan and Liam. After about 3 hours, the men returned with two small trouts which we later had for dinner, together with some nasi. We shared a small drinks with Kim and Ruben that night, as Ruben would be celebrating his birthday the following day, which was also the day that we would part ways again.

 The next day, after a quick hearty breakfast, we parted ways with the family. They would later go back south, and Hans and I would drive up further to the  North to Alesund, continuing our Norway Camper experience…


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