Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) is one of Germany’s most popular  holiday route. It runs from Würzburg down to Füssen, covering a total of about 440 kilometers. During our camper adventure on this route, we have  stayed at various camp or park sites (some official, others not; some free, while others not). Below is a list of those camp/parksites.

  1.   Pastor Klein-Straße

         56703 Koblenz

        Coordinates :   N: 50.36569   E: 7.57383

P1300813 (600x450)

View of the city of Koblenz

DSC_0771 (600x450)

Campsite at Pastor Klein-strasse

This is a free special parking area for buses and RVs, which is about 1-2 kilometers from the city center. There are no other facilities; supermarket is within walking distance. There is a nice walking route to the city, along the Mosselle River.

2.      Bus Parking, Freidensbrucke


          97082 Würzburg

P1300932 (450x338)

Historic city of Wurzburg

P1310046 (600x450)

Parking area along the River Main

 Location along the river Main, parking is 3 euro per day. There is toilet. City is of walking distance.

3.  Bensenstraße – Nördlingerstraße

     91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

     Coordinates :   N: 49.37052   E: 10.18322

P1310321 (450x338)

At the Plonlein, Rothenburg

P1310276 (600x450)

Official RV parking area

A nice official RV parking complete with facilities such as toilet, electricity and emptying of waste water and chemical toilet. Price is 10 euro per day. Just within walking distance to the authentic town.

4.  Würzburgstraße    86720  Nördlingen   (near Barlingertor)

     Coordinates :   N:  48.85525    E: 10.48345

P1310521 (600x450)

Center of Nordlingen

DSC_0888 (600x450)

Free parking area for RVs

Free parking for Rvs, just a couple of hundred meters from the center. Facilities such as toilet, electricity, water and waste disposal are present.

5.   Neue Obermayerstraße  2      86609  Donauwörth

      Coordinates :   N: 48.71492    E: 10.77903

P1310608 (600x450)

Beautiful Reichstrasse in Donauworth

DSC_0916 (600x450)

Free parking along the Dunabe river

A decent free parking site for RV, with sanitation facilities, water and electricity; situated along the riverbank.  The city can be visited on foot or with the bicycle.

6.  Gottesackerangerweg (Weitzingerwieze)

     86899 Landsberg am Lech

Coordinates :   N: 48.05535    E: 10.87375

P1310752 (600x450)

Serene view of Landsberg am Lech

DSC_0944 (600x450)

Official parking area for RVs

Quiet official parking site for RVs, 7 euro per day with facilities such as water and electricity. Center of Landsberg am Lech is about 200 meters.

7.   Ammergauer Straße 22

     86971 Peiting

     Coordinates :  N: 47.79319   E: 10.92239

P1310891 (600x450)

Idyllic village of Peting

DSC_0956 (600x450)

Free parking area neside the swimming pool

Parking for maximum of 4 RVs, situated beside the   swimming pool.  Free of charge.

8.  Parking of Getrankë shop (Nördlingerstraße)

    91550  Dinkersbühl

We asked the owner of the shop if we could park our Rv at their parking area. It was okay. It is about 200 meters from the charming little village of Dinkersbühl; nice area for biking. Later we saw an official parking, 100 meters from the center which is situated infront of the firestation.

DSC_0875 (500x375) (500x375)

Parking area of Supermarket

P1310446 (450x338)

View of the village

9.  Parking, Rewe Supermarket

     König-Ludwig Straße 2

    87645 Schwangau

P1320064 (450x338)

Fairytale castle Schloss Neuschweinstein

DSC_1069 (600x450)

Parking area of Rewe supermarket

It is difficult to find a decent parking for the Rv in Schwangau and Füssen. Almost all parking spaces have the board “Forbidden to stay overnight”. We stayed here for four days. Ideal to visit the two castles.


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