A TASTE OF ALBUFEIRA (Dec. 27-28, 2016)

Frankly speaking, we were not so enthusiastic in going to Albufeira. We still remember our first experience here 14 years ago when we couldn’t find a place to park near the city. And besides, Albufeira, being one of the most touristic places in the Algarve, would be just too busy and too commercialized for us. But anyway, since we were already in the region, we might as well do a little of sightseeing. After spending a day in Silves, we drove about 25 kilometeres down to the coast of Albufeira. We didn’t drive directly to the city; instead we drove to Praia Dos Arrifes, a beautiful beach just 4 kilometrs from Albufeira, and camped here for 2 days.

CAMPSITE : Parking, Praia Dos Arrifes

                        Rua dos Arrifes

                        8200 Albufeira

Coordinates ; N : 37.07654   W : 8.27920

It is a free beach parking at the small beautiful beach. The views are wonderful. Further, no other facilities.


Praia Dos Arrifes is a small charming beach. It has a tiny sand area with beautiful rock formations. These rock islets form a kind of rock pools when the tide is low.

The beautiful Praia Dos Arrifes

There is a reasonably easy walking trail from the beach going to Gale, passing the nearby Praia Sao Rafael.

Praia Sao Rafael

Hans and I did the trail, only up the place which looked like a secret beach. It is like an open hole where water could enter via a narrow opening in the rock cliff. The tiny secret beach can be accessed via a not so visible path and steep stone stairs. We spent quite saome time here, thus, ending our hike for that day.

Our hidden beach


The following day, we thought we could just walk the short 4 kilometers to Albufeira following the coastline. We were wrong! After an hour of walking, we came to a dead-end. The path ended and there was no choice but to go back! So we did, had coffee in our camper, and then we decided to just drive to the city. This time, we were able to find a good parking place for our camper at Rua Maria Teresa Azevedo. From here, it was only 300 meters walk to the city center.

20161228_124410 (500x281)

City parking

Just like what we expected, Albufeira is very busy and touristic, even in the winter period. Small souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, cafes and other touristic establishments lined up both sides of the streets of the old center. Even the old lady at one of the souvenir shops complained about the busyness and noise, especially in the summer.

City of Albufeira

We did a quick walk around the old city, which lasted for almost 3 hours. We went to a couple of churches, only to find them closed for visit; walked the old city’s narrow cobbled streets; bought some souvenir items and walked to Praia Pescadores. And that was it! There was nothing much to write about really; at least on our own experience. I guess, we are not the city type tourists. We prefer small quiet villages which exude typical Portuguese charms.

20161228_125319 (500x281)

 Praia Pescadores

Well, at least we could say, “We’ve been to Albufeira!”

After that, we returned to our beautiful spot at Praia dos Arrifes, had a short stroll on the beach, enjoyed the beautiful sunset, and ended the day with a quiet and relaxed evening. Praia Dos Arrifes saved our stay in Albufeira!

Our customary pictures together 🙂


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