After enjoying the beautiful beaches and tranquil moments in Porto Covo, Hans and I continued our exploration of the Alentejo coastline. We’ve been to some really nice spots and enjoyed every moment of it, even though we had some encounters with the local police due to overnight parking regulations. We have skipped the town of Odemira and a couple of its villages, Vila Nova de Milfontes and Zambujeira do Mar because the municipality has strict regulations about overnight stay in public parkings .

 We drove until we reached the old town of Aljezur, which we didn’t realize to be already part of the Algarve. So our exploration of the Alentejo region was abruptly ended. We have arrived in the Algarve – the Portugal region which we have been meaning to explore for the last two years!

 We have intentionally slowed our pace down in Porto Covo because of the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere there. But in Aljezur and Vila do Bispo, it was a different story. We have slowed down in these two towns due to inclement weather conditions.

 The weather forecasts for the next days were not too promising so we gathered we’d better stay away from the coast. Luckily in Aljezur and Vila do Bispo, campers are tolerated for overnight stay in public parking areas. We have stayed two days in Aljezur and another three days in Vila do Bispo. Those were our first rainy days in the Algarve!


1. Aljezur

Avenida General Humberto Delgado

8670 Aljezur

 Coordinates :   N : 37.31690   W : 8.80268


 It is a rather small parking located at the beginning of the town, opposite the public market. It is also possible to park at the parking behind the public market. There are no other facilities. Intermache supermarket is about 200 meters.

 2. Vila do Bispo

a. Parking Autiocaravana, Lidl

     8650 Vila do Bispo

 Coordinates :   N : 37.07901    W : 8.91366

Lidl is located just outside of the town. It has 8 reserved places for motorhomes. Wifi and toilet are available at the supermarket.

 b. Parking, Town Hall

     Rua Ribeira do Poco

     8650 Vila do Bispo

 Coordinates : N : 37.08144    W : 8. 91302

 It is a sandy parking area opposite the town hall/ cultural center. Town center and public market is nearby. Wifi is via the cultural center ; CMVB_Public. There is a public wash area near the market where water can be obtained also.

c. Praia Boca do Rio

     8650 Vila do Bispo

 Coordinates : N : 37.06683    W : 8.81004

 It is a an spacious mix-parking area at the beach. There are no other facilities.


 Coming from the north, Aljezur is the first town in the Algarve. It is located along the western coast of the region, within the Southwest Alentejo and San Vicentina park.


 It has a small historic center with old white-washed houses lined up on both sides of the narrow cobbled streets, and on top of the hill stands the ruins of an old castle. Hans and I did a 2 –hour walk around the town, when the weather permitted us, and we went up to the castle, where we had a really magnificent views of Aljezur and its surroundings.

The Streets of Aljezur historic center

 Aside from the old center, Aljezur also boasts of beautiful unspoilt beaches. We visited three of these beaches when the weather got a bit better. These beaches are Praias Odeceixe, Amoreira and Bordeira.

 Praia Amoreira, which is about 8.5 kilometers north of Aljezur is one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen. We were fortunate to see in both during low and high tides, thus enjoying the beauty on both occasions!

The beautiful Praia Amoreira

 Praia Bordeira is located in a small fishing village of Carrapateira which lies 15 kilometers from Aljezur. It is a beach with wide expanse of fine golden sand and with mild to wild waves which made it popular for surfers. It is sheltered by high cliffs and backed up by huge sand dunes. The only negative point is that you have to cross a shallow river to get to the beach.

 Different impressions of Praia Bordeira

Praia Odeceixe is the first beach we have visited in Aljezur. It is where the Altlantic ocean meets the water ffrom Odeceixe river, creating a beautiful sandy part on the beach. The views from the top of the hills are breathtaking!

 The picturesque Praia Odeceixe


 The town of Vila do Bispo is situated in the extreme southwest corner of Portugal. It has a small town center which was noticeably quiet even on a weekend! There is nothing much to write about the town, really, except for its beaches. We stayed here though for three days, awaiting the storm to pass by. I was able to update my blogs with the internet connection  I had from the cultural center, and did my laundry at the public wash area.

 The sleepy town of Vila do Bispo

We visited one of its beaches  when the rain has stopped for a while. We went to Praia Castelejo, refuted to be one of the prettiest beaches in the area. It is sheltered by towering cliffs with rocks and pebbles at the northern part of the beach. Though it wasn’t raining, there was a hard wind when we were here, and I tell you, the waves were really so Wild, they reminded us of Nazare!

 The wild waves at Praia Castelejo

After visiting Sagres for three days, we returned to the town of Vila do Bispo (there is no other way!) and visited the small quiet fishing village of Salema and its beach. Then we drove 2 kilometer further and arrived at Praia Boca do Rio and stayed here for another two days. The beach an unguarded one, with small sandy part full of pebbles. The waves here were mild. There were however strong winds on the days that we were here that it was impossible to get a good night rest. There is a nice hiking trail from the beach up to the village of Salema.

Hiking trail to charming fishing village of Salema

Our pictures together : At Aljezur,  Praia Odeceixe, Amoreira and Bordeira


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