1. Beauvais (France)

Aire de Camping Beauvais

Rue Adelbert Bellier

60000 Beauvais (France)

N: 49.42427     E :  2.08019

 It is a free parking area for campers with 20 available places. Facilities are present. Maximum stay is 72 hours. City center is about 500 meters away. We had a very good night rest here, together with at least 5 other campers.


2.  Bessines (France)

Aire Municipal Bessines Sur Gartempe

Rue d ‘Ingolsheim

87250 Bessines sur Gartempe

N : 46.10927     E : 1.36969

 It is a free parking area with reserved places for campers, and with facilities. Public toilets are at the municipal building opposite the parking area. It is in the village center ideal for passing thru because it is just 1 kilometer from the highway A20. Limoges is 35 kilometers away which is easily to be reached by bus which stops by the parking.


3.  Pamplona (Spain)

Camper Park Berriozar

Calle Plazaola

31031 Pamplona

N : 42.84028    W : 1.66528

 It is a free parking area with reserved places for campers, and with available water and facility for chemical toilet. Pamplona is just 4 kilometers away which can be reached by biking, or by bus (Bus # 17). Bus fare is 1.35 euro per rit. There is police control.


4.  Valladolid (Spain)

Area de Valladolid

Avenida de Ramon Pradera

47009 Valladolid

N : 41.65606    W : 4.73751

 It is a big parking area with reserved places for campers. Weekend is free. There is a possibility to empty chemical toilet. The parking is opposite Feria de Valladolid; and it is about 1 kilometer walk to the city center.


5.  La Alberca (Spain)

Estacionamiento dela Casa del Parque

Avenida de las Batuecas

37624 La Alberca (Salamanca)

N : 40.48824      W :  6.11552

 It is a big free parking area with reserved 8 reserved places for campers. Maximum stay is 48 hours; camping activities are not allowed. There is facility for water and emptying of chemical toilet and waste water. There is regular police control. The village is 500 meters, with supermarkets, bars, restaurants, health center, school, guardia civil, banks and even a Residence for the Elderly.


6.  Monsanto (Portugal)

Parking in Monsanto could be a bit difficult. There is a parking area at the village itself (Baluarte) but is it small. We have parked at another parking area located at the foot of the village. It is a quiet place, along the way and near the Police station and school. Tourist office and public toilet is about 300 meters away, in the village. Water can be obtained from one of the fountains along the way. It is not suitable for campers longer than 6 meters. Internet is on top of the castle.

 Parking Area : Carpark, Avenida Fernando Ramon Rocha

6060 Monsanto

Coordinates : N : 40.03803   W : 7.11472

 Another possible parking is found 1.5 kilometer before Monsanto, at the neighbouring village Relva. It is a bit bigger and there is also water and public toilet. It is however a steep climb or walk to Monsanto.

 Coordinates :   N : 40.045799    W : 7.116008 (Relva)


7.  Castelo de Vide

a.  Barragem da Povoa

Parking, Area de Autocaravana

M1007 Castelo de Vide

Coordinates : N : 39.48394    W: 7.5476

 It is a free parking area speacially reserved for campers, with at least 10 places. Parking outside the reserved areas and near the lake is tolerated. Camper facilities with public toilets are available; and so are picknic tables, bbq facilities and sport (badminton/volleyball) net.


b.  Town

Parking 7, Avenue R. Francisco Bogalho

7320 Castelo de Vide

Coordinates : N: 39.41033    W: 7.44935

 It is a free mix-parking located beside the municipal sport building, next to Estadio Municipal Manuel Rodriquez. It is about 10 minutes walk to the town center, and also 10 minute walk (in the opposite direction) to a big supermarket Pingo Doce. Wifi is via Castelo_Digital.


8. Marvao


7330 Marvao

Coordinates : N : 39.39432    W:  7.37349

 It is a free mix-parking with 8 special places for campers, situated at the foot of the village (about 200 meters), next to the Convent of Nossa Senhora do Estrella.  It has an altitude of about 765 meters, with beautiful views.  There is facility for emptying chemical toilet. Wifi is at the village center via WIFI_Marvao.


9.  Elvas

Mix-Parking By the Aquaduct


7350 Elvas

Coordinates : N :  38.87889   W: 7.1725

It is an spacious free mix-parking located just outside the city center, near the Amoreira aquaduct. Old city is about 300 meters. There are no other facilities.


10.  Estremoz :   Mix-parking

Rossio do Marquez de Pombal

7100 Estremoz

Coordinates : N: 38.8432    W :  7.58672

 It is a very spacious free mix-parking area in the middle of the town, with views of the castle and two other churches. Ideal to visit the historic town of Estremoz. Tourist office with wifi connection is found one side of the square, next to a museum/church


11. Evora

  1. Mix-parking

Avenida Tulio Espanca/Dinis Miranda

7000 Evora

Coordinates : N: 38.56667   W : 7.90667

 It is a big free mix-parking area located just outside the city walls. Next to public garden. Center is about 200 meters. Water is available at the small abandoned toilet building near the big statue in the middle of the parking area.


12.  Monsaraz

Parking for Autocaravana

Rua Sto. Antonio

7200 Monsaraz

Coordinates : N :  38.44216     W : 7.37927

 It is a free parking area reserved for mobile homes, with at least 10 places. It has spectacular views of the surroundings and only about 100 meters to the village center. Facilities for campers are at a nearby village, about 10 kilometers further. It was full when we were here, so we just aprked at the lowest level of the parking area, by the roundabout primarily reserved for long and heavy vehicles.


13. Beja :  Rua de Lisboa

7800 Beja

Coordinates :  N : 38.0221    W :  7.87413

Nice free parking area, about 1.5 kilometrs from  the town center. Good for passing thru.


 14.  Sines

Praia de Sao Torpes

M1109 Sines

Coordinates :  N :  37.92298   W : 8.80503

It is a beach parking by Praia de Sao Torpes. Nice long sandy beach ideal for long strolls. No other facilities. About 8 kilometers from Porto Covo.


 15. Porto Covo

Mix-parking, Praia Grande

Rua do Mar

7520 Porto Covo

Coordinates :   N : 37.85556    W : 8. 79330

 Free Parking with access to Praia Grande, with beautiful views! It is about 300 meters walk to the village center. Official parking area for campers with facilities is located att he village center, opposite the primary school. 20161124_101612-500x281

 16.  Almograve

Parking, Praia Almograve


Big parking by the beach. Day parking is allowed; but overnight stay is not tolerated. Police came at 22.00 to tell us to trabsfer to the village. No other facilities.


17.  Cabo Sardao

Parking, Cabo Sardao

Coordinates :  N :  37.598439   W :  8.8186097

Limited parking space by the lighthouse at Cabo Sardao. No other facilites. Good hiking routes and views!


18.  Carvalhal

Parking, Praia Carvalhal


Coordinates :  N : 37.50032   W : 8.79025

Limited parking space at beautiful beach Carvalhal.  Day parking is allowed. Overnight stay is not tolerated. Chance of getting a warning note.(like we did!) 20161128_134651-500x281

 19. Odeceixe

Mix Parking Praia Odeceixe

Rua do Praia, Odeceixe

Coordinates :  N : 37.43786   W : 8.79841

Big parking on the hilltop, with nice views of the beach. No other facilities.


20.  Aljezur

Avenida General Humberto Delgado

8670 Aljezur

Coordinates :  N :  37.31690   W :  8.80268

Mix parking with at least 5 places for campers at the entrance to the village, opposite the public market. It is also possible to park behind the public market. Intermache is about 200 meters.


21. Bordeira

Coordinates :  N : 37.19310   W :  8.90286

Big parking by the beach, ideal for long stay, about 1.5 kilometer from Carrapateira. Baker and vegetable vendor comes in the afternoon.


22. Vila Do Bispo

a.  Lidl Parking

Coordinates :  N : 37.07901   W :  8.91366

Parking spaces (8) special for motorhomes, infront of Lidl. WIFI and toilet at the supermarket.


b.  Town

Rua Ribeira do Poco

Vila do Bispo

Coordinates : N : 37.08144   W : 8. 91302

Small parking area infront of town hall and cultural center. Lidl is 150 meters. Water is available at the old wash area near the market. WIFI via CMVB_Public.


23. Sagres

Rua do Fortaleza

EN 268-2

8650 Sagres

Coordinates : N : 37.00405  W :  8.94538

Big free mix-parking at the foot of Fortaleza de Sagres. It has good access to beaches of mareta and Tonel. Town center is about 1.5 kilometer.



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