Prague, the capital city of The Czech Republic, is one city that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime (if given the chance!). Luckily for us, it was not just once….but thrice! We first visited this Golden City in 2006. We were already mesmerized even before then, that we thought, we just had to be back someday. And  then we did! After 5 years, we came back. We included the city in our itinerary during our car trip in Europe, visiting Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, and of course Czech Republic in the span of 2 weeks. Still, it seemed that visiting Prague twice was not enough. This year (2016), we came back for the third time. Would it be the last time? Or will there be a fourth time? 20160826_113228-500x281

 It was Thursday afternoon (August 25, 2016), about 14.00 when we arrived in Prague. We  have just visited the mysterious town of Kutna Hora, and we drove about 75 kilometers  before we reached Camp Dana Troja, a small camping where we planned to stay during our visit in the city.   It was a delightful surprise when we discovered that it was the same camping   we’ve been to 10 years ago!

 Campsite :   Camp Penzion Dana Troja

                         Trojska 129

                         171 00 Praha 71

 Coordinates :   N: 50.11696   E :  14.43154

 It is a small city camping located just about 7 kilometers from the city. Facilities are available such as WIFI, cafeteria, showers, laundry, magnetron, water, and electricity. Price is 510 crowns (Kr) per day which is equivalent to 20 euros. The city is easily accessible in 15 minutes by taking Tram 17 and getting off at the 7th stop – Staremesto.  Price per ride is 24 Kr. We stayed here for 2 days


 Prague is a one-of-a-kind city in the world. It boasts of having historical monuments and buildings from different periods and styles, various cathedrals, palaces and some secret gardens. It has a very cozy and historic old center, imposing and impressive palaces, dominating cathedral, beautifully-built churches and chapels, preserved historic Jewish Quarter, intelligently constructed astronomical clock, authentic century old bridge, labyrinth-style alleys and streets, unique and delicious native delicacies, cozy restaurants and cafes, busy nightlife , and blindingly charming souvenirs such as Bohemian crystals. No wonder Prague is called the Golden City.

 There were so much to do and see in this city that one has to really plan his/her days. We have been here for three times already, and still we know that we haven’t seen all of it. And of the three occassions that we have been here, we have walked the same streets, wandered the same squares and photographed the same spots, but still the magic remained!

 I don’t want to sound like an agent of a tourist office so I stop from praising the city. I’ll just let the pictures which I have taken during our visit speak for themselves, and hope that you, too, would be inspired and motivated to come visit this city one day and experience and enjoy its charms and magic.


 1. Old Town Square (Stare Mesto) and the The cathedral of Our Lady Before Tyn

This is the most significant and famous square in Prague which was founded in the 12th century. It is dominated by historical buildings and churches. The Cathedral is built between 14th-16th century.

 2. Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock from 15th century is situated at the Old Town Hall. Every hour between 9:00-23:00 12, figures of the  apostles appear.  Below the clock is a calendar featuring the different zodiac signs.

 3. Karluv Most (The Charles Bridge)

It is the oldest and most famous bridge in Prague whose construction began in 1357 and completed in 1402. The bridge is decorated with 30 statues of saints.

 4. Prague Castle

 It is an important symbol of the country, being the seat of Czech’s rulers and presidents. The castle complex, one of the largest in the world, is made up of historicalpalaces, offices, churches, and gardens. There is a changing of guards everyday at 12:00 .

 5. Jewish Quarter

 It contains the best-preserved complex of Jewish monuments in Europe. It includes the Old Synagoge and Jewish cemetery.

 6. Prague Cathedral

 Officially named as Cathedral of Sts. Vitus, Wenceslas and Adalbert, this is a Gothich religious building from 1344 whose construction lasted for almost 600 years .  It is the spiritual symbol of the Czech State.

 7. The Wallenstein Garden

It is a geometrically-designed Baroque garden with artificial caves and stalactites. There is a nice pond and a pathway adorned with life-sized statues leading to the Senate House.

 8. Souvenirs

The souvenirs displayed at different souvenir shops are a feast to the eyes. Almost ebrything is for sale : from small decorative perfume bottles to dazzling delicate Bohemian crystals.

9.  Random Shots

Our customary pictures together


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