Below is the list of campsites where we stayed during our trip to Northern Spain, on our way to Santiago de Compostela.  We left Gaanderen (The Netherlands) on  October 18, 2015, arrived a month later inSantiago de Compostela, following the coastal route, and then arriving at our last stop in Spain, in Baiona on November 20, 2015 after driving a distance of 2848 kilometers.

 1.  AMIENS :   Parking Parc Moulin Saint Pierre

                           Rue du Massey     80000   Amiens (France)

                          Coordinates :   N : 49.90013     E: 2.31166

IMG_20151019_101923 (500x375)It is parking by the park, about 500 meters from the center which can be reached thru a nice stroll thru the park. Water and toilet present. Free. Big old cathedral and nice walks along the waters. Stayed one day (Oct. 18)

2. LISIEUX :  Avenue Jean XXIII   14100 Lisieux (France)

                          Coordinates :   N: 49.141421   E: 0.233726

IMG_20151019_164958_1 (500x375)Mix-Parking near the Cathedral of Lisieux. About 1 km walk to the center. Free. No services. Area services for camper is by the parking infront of Tourist office, using a token. Nice stop for pilgrimage and visit to St. Therese of Infant Jesus. Stayed 3 days (Oct. 19-21).

3.  ALENCON :    Boulevard dela Republique  61000 Alencon (France)

                             Coordinates :   N: 48.42739   E: 0.09354

IMG_20151022_101155 (500x375) (500x375)Mix-Parking. No services. About 500 meters from the city center. Free. Market on Thursday morning. Stayed 2 days (Oct. 22-23).

4.  SAINT CENERI-LE-GEREI :   Parking, Route de St. Pierre des Nids

                                                      61250 Saint Ceneri-le-Gerei (France)

                                                     Coordinates : N: 48.37998   W: 0.05357

IMG_20151022_190517_1 (500x375)Mix-parking, quiet village, follow board with P. Water and Toilet near the tourist office. Free. Medieval beautiful village. Stayed one day (Oct. 24).

 5. LA ROCHELLE : Parking, Quai du Lazaret   17000 La Rochelle (France)

                                 Coordinates :   N: 46.14413     W: 1.17132

IMG_20151024_185451 (500x375)Special parking for campers by the harbour Port Plaissance La Rochelle. About 2.5 km to the city center, nice biking route to the center. Near the beach Minimes. Free. Services for camper is by the entrance to the municipal camping which is about 1 km from the parking. Internet, 1 euro per dag. Laundry services nearby. Market at la Rochelle is Wednesday and Saturday. Stayed 5 days (Oct. 25-29).

6. ARCACHON : Avenue du Park (17-47)   33311 Arcachon (France)

                            Coordinates :   N: 44.64903   W: 1.19637

IMG_20151031_083427_1 (500x375)Small parking by the coast. Center is 500 meters. Free. No services. About 4 km to Dune du Pilat. By Dune du Pilat, free parking beside the Camping La Foret.  Stayed 1 day (Oct. 30).

7. HONDARRIBIA : Calle Puerto Deportivo

                                   20280 Fuenterabbia (Hondarribia Spain)

                                  Coordinates :   N: 43.37715   W: 1.79293

IMG_20151102_135248_1 (500x375)Paid Mix-parking by the harbour, from October to May, free parking. Near the Hondarribia beach. About 500 meters from the old town, which is doable by walking or by biking. Water at the beach, beach showers. Stayed 2 days (Oct. 31- Nov. 1).

8. ZUMAIA :   Calle Txomin Agirre   20750 Zumaia (Spain)

                       Coordinates :   N: 43.29654   W: 2.25434

IMG_20151104_180829_1 (500x375)Special parking for campers, by the shipyard and harbour. About 1 km walk to the center. Free. Area services for campers is at the industry area Trenbedia by river Urola. Internet at the tourist office. Stayed 5 days (Nov. 2-6).

9. SAN JUAN DE GAZTELUGATXE : Parking, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

                                                              48130 San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Spain)

IMG_20151108_091901 (500x375)Mix-parking. Free. No services. Stayed one day (Nov. 7).

10. SANTANDER :   Calle Luis Carrera Blanco   39004 Santander (Spain)

                                  Coordinates :   N: 43.46362   W: 3.78160

IMG_20151108_175818 (500x375)

Mix-parking by the port and Playa Los Peligros. Water and toilet present. Free. About 2 km to the city center. Good biking and walking routes. After 3 days, police told us it was not allowed to park there. Stayed 3 days (Nov. 8-10).

 11. GIJON :   Avenida Eduardo Castro s/n   33212 Gijon (Spain)

                       Coordinates :   N: 43.5442   W: 5.69572

IMG_20151112_094236_1 (500x375)Parking special for campers, infront of the port of Gijon and the beach. Too much noise from vehicles : cars, trucks and train. About 3 km to the city center, with bus or bicycle. Stayed 1 day (Nov. 11).

12. NAVIA :   Calle Los Campitos   33710 Navia (Spain)

                      Coordinates :   N: 43.54490   W: 6.72013

Special parking for campers, with services. Free. Near the Eroski supermarket. Center is 1 km, the beach of Navia is about 1 kilometer walk. Market every Thursday. Stayed for half day (Nov. 12).

 13. ORTIGUIERA : Parking, Playa Arnelles   33975 Ortiguiera (Coana)

                                   Coordinates :   N:   43.55936   W: 6.73015

IMG_20151113_093028_1 (500x375)

Mix-parking for Playa Arnelles, with access to the beach via a steep stairs. Toilet and beach showers present. Free. View of Cabo de San Agustin and Lighthouse. Wonderful quiet place! Stayed one day (Nov. 13).


14. TAPIA DE CASARIEGO : Avenida Don Perez de Campoamor

                                                    33743 Tapia de Casariego (Spain)

                                                    Coordinates :   N: 43.56668   W: 6.94631

IMG_20151114_094019_1 (500x375)Special parking for campers with services. Fee is 4 euro per dag but there was no one who collected parking fee when we were there. With view of Playa Grande. Village center is about 600 meters. Stayed one day (Nov. 14)

 15.  LUGO : Rua de Santiago s/n   270004   Lugo (Spain)

                     Coordinates :   N: 43.00434   W: 7.56164

IMG_20151116_095635 (500x375)Special parking for campers, with services. Free. About 800 meters to the walled city of Lugo. With view of the River Mino. Near sports building and parquet Rosalia. Laundry services possible at Avenida Americas near Mercadona (1 km). Stayed 3 days (Nov. 14-16).

16. SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA :   Parking Milladoiro, Travesia del Porto

                                                                      15895 Milladoiro (Spain)

                                                                    Coordinates : N: 42.845   W: 8.58056

IMG_20151120_095511_1 (500x375)Mix-parking. Free. Services for campers, nearby, infront of Social Center and Sports building. Supermarket Mercadona nearby. About 15 minute busride to Santiago de Compostela, which costs 1.50 per rit. Last 6 km walk Camino de Santiago. Stayed 3 days (Nov. 17-19).

 17. BAIONA :   Rua Santa Marta  36300 Baiona (Spain)

                         Coordinates :   N: 42.11415   W: 8.83821

IMG_20151121_160407 (500x375)Small parking infront of Santa Marta beach, about 1 km walk to the village center via a long nice boulevard. Free. Services for camper opposite the parking at Repsol tankstation. Stayed 2 days (Nov. 20-21).


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