During our two-week tour of the castles at the Loire valley in France, we parked and stayed the night at these parking areas :

  • Aire Municipal Blois, Parking Jean Moulin

          41000 Blois

         Coordinates :   N: 47.58665     E: 1.32609

Official parking for Rvs, with facilities. Price is 5 euro/day. Only 10 minutes to the center.

During our stroll, we saw another parking at the other side of the river, over the Loire, the center is about 1 kilometer away. It is a free mix-parking, with no other facilities.

            Parking Blois , Promenade Edmond Mounin

            41000 Blois

            Coordinates :   N: 47.50024   E: 1.32591

  • In Chateau de Chambord, Parking by the castle costs 7 euro per day. Overnight stay costs an extra of 10 euro/night.

We parked at a small parking area situated a little after the castle in the direction of Cheverny. We also spent the night there, for free.

  • Parking P3, Cheverny

         Rue du Chene des Dames

         41700 Cheverny

        Coordinates :   N: 47.49833     E: 1.466027

This is a free parking for RVs, without facilities. Walking distance to the charming village and Chateau de Cheverny.

  • Parking, near the castle

         D61 Avenue Leonardo da Vinci

        37400 Amboise

        Coordinates : N: 47.40812   E: 0.98964

A small parking area for RVs, price is 1 euro/day, with no facilities. Not suitable for big RVs. The castle of Leonardo da Vinci is of walking distance, so is the center of Ambois.

  • Parking for RVs, Rue du Chateau

         37150 Chenonceaux

        Coordinates : N: 47.33004   E: 1.06798

A free parking for Rvs, just outside the formal parking area of the castle. Place for at elast 10 Rvs. No facilities, but you can use the toilets from castle grounds. Nice biking along Cher River.

  • Parking for RVs, Villandry

         Allee de Coleman-Cavallo

         37510 Villandry

         Coordinates :   N: 47.34134   E: 0.51043

Separate free parking area for Rvs, with facilities for water, toilet and emptying of chemical toile and waste water. There is playround and nice biking route along the river. Possibility to go fishing also. The Chateau de Villandry is of walking distance.

  • Parking for RVs, Azay le-rideau

         Rue du Stade

         37190 Azay le-rideau

         Coordinates :   N: 47.25928   E: 0.46985

Free parking area fro Rvs, with no facilities, located next to Camping Le Sabot. Possible to use the showers and toilet using a token, to be purchased at a small building infront of the camping. (1.70/token)

  • Parking Angers,  Blvd. Arago

         4900 Angers

        Coordinates : N: 47.7717   E: 0.55738

This a free mix-parking situated just about 200 meters from the city center. No other facilities.

  • Parking, Chinon

         Place de Jeanne DÁrc


This is a free mix parking about 200 meters from the city center. Nice visit to the old medieval city and its castle.

  • Saumur

We parked the RV just at the right side of the bridge,along the river Loire. in a small street, with nice view of the castle. Possible to fish.


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