The beach of Cacela Velha , found 15 kilometers from Tavira , is what makes the village more appealing and special. Also known as Praia Fabrica, the beach is truly magnificent! This almost 2 kilometer long sandy beach which  is a part of Ria Formosa National Park, is truly one of the most beautiful beaches we have been to in the Algarve.  Access to the beach is by boat (via Fabrica) or by foot during low tide. Boats departs from Fabrica in the summer, but otherwise, the only way is to cross the river on low tides.


Praia da Marinha, located in Caramujeira in Lagoa in the Algarve region, is one of the most beautiful and dramatic beaches IN Portugal. It has received many notable distinctions  such as  öne  of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe, öne of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world”, and “Golden Beach award” by Portuguese Ministry of the Environmen

The beach, which is accessible via a long and winding concrete steps, had a wide expanse of fine golden sand, the waters which have a high quality have light torquise and sometimes almost transparent ; they could also be wild at times. It is sheltered with high cliffs on both ends which protect the area from chilly winds and yet still enjoy the sun the whole day.

At the right far end of the beach is the famous special rock formation, the double arcs rockform which resembles the letter M. It is the most photographed spot in the area, and if you play with your picture taking, you could capture a heart-formed rock in it! It is possible to walk as near to the rock formation as you want, but mind you, you have to walk over a heaps of stones and it would be tricky!


The beach of Ilha de Culatra can be accessed by following a a long wooden boardwalk that leads to the magnificent beach.  The beach is as long as the length of the extensive island, and with the view of the lighthouse at the western end. It has fine golden sand; the water is calm, clean and transparent in color. On the shore are different kinds of open shells washed away by the tides. It is one of the best beaches we have seen in the Algarve! It has a natural setting, no restaurants, beach bars  and souvenir shops on sight; no sunbeds, sun umbrellas  or chairs! No commercial activity possible! We could imagine ourselves lying  on the beach days after days! The tranquillity and beauty  and the solitude are incomparable!


Situated about 3 kilometers from Praia da Marinha lies another beautiful beach, the Praia Carvalho. We really love this beach as it has an air of exclusivity and seclusion. It is a small beach with crystal clear waters, fine sand and sheltered by high cliffs. Access to the beach is via a tunnel carved from the rocks with steps. There is also a narrow stairway at the right side of the cliff which leads to some stone chambers or balconies overlooking the sea! Really special. There is a big rock island in the middle of the sea.


Praia Amoreira is located 8.5 kilometers north of Aljezur town center. The road to the beach is narrow and winding. The last kilometre is good. It is one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen in the coastline, which we were fortunate to see during both high and low tides. It has a wide expanse of fine golden sand, backed up by huge sand dunes and sheltered by towering cliffs. On the northern part of the beach are several rock pools teeming with mussels, small crabs, fishes and shrimps. We were even lucky to see a baby octopus swimming there! We had a wonderful time here in the beach, just strolling, getting out feet wet, and even harvesting about 4 kilos of mussels! The beach is accessible via a wooden boardwalk with separate path for disabled. No matter how much we wanted to and although there was no sign that overnight stay is forbidden, we did not dare to spend the night here, afraid that we would get a second warning!


 Praia da Alvor is a located in a small charming and lively village of Alvor, which is part of the municipality of Portimao.  The beach is very beautiful and long. You look left and right, and all you see is long sandy beach! It is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, long beach stroll, or even for fishing! It is , in our opinion, more attractive than the famous Praia da Rocha. In Praia da Alvor, you can have your relaxed day in the beach without the commercial background of high rising buildings and busy beach bars behind you!


Praia Dona Ana is a small romantic beach located about 1.5 from Ponta de Piedade.  It has fine golden colored sand and beautiful rock outcrops which seem to spring out from the water. The best view is from the top of the steps that leads down to the beach.


Tavira is also home to some of the nicest beaches in the Algarve. But most of these beaches are accessible only by boat. One of them is Ilha da Tavira. There is a ferry boat that takes passengers to the island. The ticket costs 1.50 (retour) and it takes you to the island in less than 5 minutes. The ferry terminal is situated at the end of 4 Aguas.

It is a beautiful island with very long sandy beach. Except for some tourists, the island was very quiet when we visited it. The sea was wild; high waves came rushing to the shore, and most especially at the pier where the lighthouse stands.  But we could imagine how busy it would be here in the summer. There are lots of restaurants and small houses where sunbeds and chairs are kept). There is even a camping ground at the island. We were glad we came at this period, then we were able to see the island at its purest, without the noisy and crowded tourists!


Praia Bordeira is located in a small fishing village of Carrapateira which lies 15 kilometers from Aljezur. It is a beach with wide expanse of fine golden sand and with mild to wild waves which made it popular fvor surfers. It is sheltered by high cliffs and backed up by huge sand dunes. The only negative point is that you have to cross a shallow river to get to the beach.


Praia de Armação de Pêra beach lies in the popular holiday resort of Armação de Pêra, on the south coast of the Algarve. The sandy beach, which is over one kilometre long, is bordered at the western end by the very rugged and verdant cliffs that are typical of the region. To the back there is a slightly elevated promenade, behind which the streets and alleys of Armação de Pêra, with their numerous restaurants, bars, shops and accommodation, begin. At the eastern end, on the outskirts of the resort, the area of sand opens up inland and becomes considerably wider before the mouth of Ribeira de Alcantarilha forms the natural border with the neighbouring beach. (courtesy of http://www.beachinspector.com).

What makes the beach a little more authentic is that you see the local fishermen here doing their daily tasks like mending the nets, cleaning the huts and boats, and bringing in their catch for the day. It is fascinating how the tractor brings the boat in and out of the sea.  There isa also a nice walking trail from Armação all the way to Señora da Rocha beach.



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