TAKING IT SLOW IN PORTO COVO (November 21-24, 2016)

Time to slow down……

After more than three weeks of travelling, we finally arrived on the coast of Alentejo. Oh, it was wonderful to see the sea again… to walk barefoot on the beach and feel the cold waters and grains of sands on my feet! It was a pleasurable familiar feeling to hear the deafening sounds of the waves as they collide against the rocks on the rugged coastline of Porto Covo.

What a delight to sea the seagulls flying above us in a clear blue sky as we lie mindlessly on the beach.  What a joy it was to feel the seabreeze on our faces again!  It was good to take those long walks on the beach, discovering new coves and hidden intimate places and tumbling upon special plants and stones.

It was a privilege to finally see the sun kissed the horizon, trying to capture the moment in my camera while shivering from the early evening cold wind Porto Covo had at this time of the year.  Even the gentle sounds of the raindrops at night seemed like music to our ears which served as lullaby putting us to deep slumber.

Everything is perfect here in Porto Covo – the beaches, the tranquillity, the nature, the friendly locals, and our campsite! Even the rainy moments we had seemed to add charm to the magic of the place.

Porto Covo, a small fishing village located at the coastal region of Alentejo in the municipality of Sines, is surely the place to be! It is a perfect place to unwind; a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature especially the unspoilt rugged intimate beaches of the village.  The village has a small charming square, the Largo Marquez de Pombal where the 18th century church of Nossa Sehnora da Soledade is also located. The square is surrounded by small  whire-washed houses which is typical village architecture. There are a couple of  cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.

And Porto Covo’s main attractions are its beaches!. These beaches are by the way protected by the National Park of Southwest Alentejo. During our 4-day stay here in Porto Covo, Hans and I were able to explore and enjoy the village’s beautiful beaches – from Praia de Sao torpes to Praia do Ilha.  Our stay here was a perfect beginning of our exploration of Alentejo’s coastline….and we couldn’t wait to see more!


1. Praia Grande

2. Praia de Cerca Nova

3. Praia de Salto

4. Praia de Samoguiera

5. Praia Pequena

6. Praia Sao Torpes

7. Praia do Ilha

8. lha do Pesseguiero


PORTO COVO…. Where the sea meets the horizon. (Porto Covo Tourist brochure)


  1. Mix-parking, Praia Grande

          Rua do Mar

         7520 Porto Covo

        Coordinates :   N : 37.85556    W : 8. 79330

It is a huge beach parking by Praia Grande. Village center, with supermarkets and small shops ,  is about 300 meters. Official free parking area for motorhomes is located at the village center opposite the primary school. There are also services like water and emptying of chemical toilets.

2.  Sines :   Praia Sao Torpes

                     M1109 Sines

Coordinates :   N :  37.92298    W : 8.80503


It is a spacious beach parking. No other facilities. Porto Covo is about 8 kilometers.

  1. Our customary pictures together


3 thoughts on “TAKING IT SLOW IN PORTO COVO (November 21-24, 2016)

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    • Hallo Willy. Bedankt voor u reactie. Natuurlijk mag u de camperplaatsen die wij bezochten hebben op jullie pagina delen. Wij zijn blij dat jullie daar gebruik kunnen maken en ook dat u onze reisverslag leuk vindt. Veel camper plezier nog☺


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