NORWAY 2015 : OUR WAY TO NORWAY (June 9 – August 13, 2015)

Below is the list of our campsites-parking sites during our wonderful adventure in Norway in 2015.

1. Papenknull

        25712 Brickeln

       Sleeswijk-Holstein, Germany

 Our first stop-over, after driving about 500 killometers from The Netherlands. A communal lake, a little out of the way. No other facilities.

IMG_20150610_095304 (500x375)

 2.  Livovej 143

        9681 Ranum

        Nordjylland, Denmark

Special parking for campers, by the harbour. Free, with facilities. Shower possible for 10 DNK. Internet (wifi) by the vacation park nearby.

IMG_20150611_101436 (500x375)

3. Doggerbanke 1      9850 Hirtshals

         Nordjylland, Denmark

Parking for campers, just about 2 kilometers to the ferry terminal to Norway. Further no facilities. Center nearby and also some tourist sites. Good place to load the camper with provisions.

IMG_20150612_100527 (500x375)

 4.    Stavro, Rjukan     Gausta Fv 651

       3697 Rjukan  (near Hjartdal)

      Cooordinates :  N : 59.87149     E : 8.55456

Mix-parking at the beginpoint for hike to Gaustatoppen. Toilet available. Nice hiking possibilities. Wonderful views.

IMG_20150615_173133 (500x375)

  5. Raulandsvegen (Fv 37)

     3684 Vinje, Telemark

Coordinates : N: 59.66571   E : 8.05987

Not an official parking, but a kind of camping site, opposite the Totak river. Nice river, parking has wooden long chairs.

P1350889 (500x375)

  6. Parking at Dalen Bryggje    7751 Dalen

    Coordinates :     N: 59.26713   E : 8.01374

Parking at the Ferry terminal of Dalen-Telemark. Day parking is free, until 19.00, but overnight stay is not. During the night, we stayed at parking of Coop Supermarket, near Dalen Hotel, where internet is available from wifi of the supermarket.

DSC03846 (500x375)

7. Parking Honnevje

     Rv 9     4747 Valle,    Aust Agder

Voted as most beautiful parking area in 2011. It lies along river Otra, with a little sandy beach. Picknick tables, toilet and garbage bins are available. Wonderful views and nice walking routes. Attention : board with no overnight stay. Free. About 5 kilometers from the village of Valle.

DSC03847 (500x375)

8. Lysebotn

Fv 500

4127 Lysebotn

Coordinates :   N: 59.05566     E:  6.64556

Small parking spance opposite the accommodation building for parachute jumpers. Near the fjord. No other further services. Good for a night stay. Wifi by the tourist office.

9. Campsite : Parking, back of Jorpeland Tourist office

4100 Jorpeland

N : 59.02271   E : 6.03989

It is a small free parking area at the back of the tourist office. Toilet is present. Internet access is possible.

10. Campsite : Parking, Liarvatnet

  Dalavegen 521                      4100  Jorpeland

    N : 59.05185   E : 6.12055

Nice parking at Liarvatnet, about 7 kilometers from Jorpeland. Good beginpoint for the hike to Heiahorn. No other facilities.

P1360327 (500x375)

11. Parking, Tau Harbour

       Kvednanesvegen       4120 Tau

      Coordinates :   N: 59.06360   E : 5.90735

Parking area by the harbour and ferry terminal to Stavanger. Dayparking (inclusive overnight ) is 40 NOK. Ferry to Stavanger departs every 30 minutes. The ferry transfer takes 40-45 minutes.  Good spot for fishing. Further no other facilities.

IMG_20150625_083920 (500x375)

12. Parking, Nes

       4137 Nes, Hjelmeland

       Rv638  N: 59.14948   E: 06.34683

Free parking in Nes, good starting point for the hike to Viglesdalen. With toilet and picknick tables, and information boards about different hikes.The road coming here is a bit narrow.

DSC04409 (500x375)

13. Parking, Ryfylke Museet

       Nordenden, Suldal

Coordinates : N – 59.48499   E – 6.24750

Limited parking spaces by the harbour in Sand, near the Museum and tourist information.

Small beach nearby; good spot for fishing. Internet possible via museum wi-fi.

DSC04674 (500x375)

14. Parking, Lakes studio

Parking space for visitors of the Zalm Studio. Nice walk to Sand center. No other facilities.

beach nearby; good spot for fishing. Internet possible via museum wi-fi.

IMG_20150628_113251_1 (500x375)

15. Parking by Vikedal Boathaven

                            5583 Vikedal

Coordinates :   N: 59. 49669   E: 5.89942

Nice parking by harbour of Vikedal. With facilities, including use of shower facilities. We thought it was free. When we left, we saw at camper apps that it costs 16 euros for a day stay there. Good spot for fishing.


P1360648 (500x375)

 16. Parking, Sandvesanden (beach area)

         F862, Mjolhusvegen       4280 Sandve

        Coordinates :  N: 59.16783

        E:   5.19516

Nice beach parking , about 5 kilometers from Skudeneshavn. A bit uneven ground. Toilet and picknick table present.

IMG_20150702_213905 (500x375)

17. Skudeneshavn, Parking Haven

       4280 Skudeneshavn

Mix-parking by the harbour, just about 100 meters from the old center and the big park. Free, further no other facilities.

IMG_20150704_201416 (500x375)

 18. Parking, Barnehagen

        Stongvegen,  Akrehamn

  Coordinates :  N : 59.25298    E: 5.18886

Mix-parking by the beach, near the childcare building and playground. Toilet behind the childcare building. Nice walking route up along the beach up to Fisherman’s Monument.

IMG_20150706_102533_1 (500x375)

19. Parking infront of Copper  Mine Museum

       Visnesvegen       4262   Visnes

       Coordinates :  N: 59.35285   E:  5.21928

Parking by the Copper Museum inVisnes, with view of the replica of the Statue of Liberty. Toilet present. Nice walking route to the park nearby with wonderful views of the fjords/sea. Wi-fi possible.

P1360874 (500x375)

20. Markhus village, along the old road, on the way to Langfoss (Odda)

Coordinates : N : 59.82106    E: 6.23096

Emergency overnight parking along the narrow old road in Markhus, about 5 kilometers from Langfoss waterfalls. No other facilities.

IMG_20150707_194210 (500x375)

21. Mix-Parking, Odda

       Roldalsvegen    5750 Odda

      Coordinates :  N: 60.06986   E: 6.54783

Free mix-parking beside the white church, near the fjord. Centrum and tourist office is just walking distance.

IMG_20150710_100417 (500x375)

 22.Rv 13 (opposite tankstation)

        5780 Kinsarvik

       Coordinates :  N : 60.37476    E: 6.71336

A small parking area by the fjord, about 200 meters from the ferry terminal, opposite the gas station(by ferry is camper parking not allowed). Tourist office is about 200 meters.

IMG_20150710_202322_1 (500x375)

23. Rijksvegen 22

5783 Eidfjord (beside supermarket Joker)

Coordinates :   N: 60.46605    E: 7.06897

A small vacant lot beside the Joker supermarket, really good for just an overnight stay, about 300 meters from the fjord and tourist office. The village Eidfjord is camper unfriendly, , there are boards everywhere that camperparking is not allowed.

24. Hardangaerfjordvegen 619

       5610 Oystese (Kvam)

          Coordinates : 60.38685     E: 6.20239

A nice free mix-parking in the village, by the fjord. Supermarkets and tourist office nearby. No other facilities.


IMG_20150714_095611_1 (500x375)

25.   Bergen :  Bergsehallen

       Vilhelm Bjerknes vei 24

       5081 Bergen

       Coordinates :   N: 60.35459   E: 5.35924

Quite a good parking just outside the gate of the official camperpark in Bergen. Free. Parking at the official parking is 16 euro per day. City is about 15 minutes with the tram. Station is about 200 meters from the parking.


P1370337 (500x375)

 26. Camping Oldevatn

        Oldevatn        6788 Olden

        Coordinates :   N: 61.45273     E: 6.48188

Camping Oldevatn is a nice camping. We camped beside the vacation house occupied by famiy who spent a few days here. Great views of the river. Free. Services available for small price.

about 200 meters from the parking.

IMG_20150716_174132_1 (500x375)

27. Parking, Ferry Terminal

       6218   Hellesylt

       Coordinates :  N : 62.08733   E: 6.87012

A rather small parking just by the ferry terminal by the fjord. Free, but further no other facilities. Wifi access from the hotel nearby. Good spot for fishing.

IMG_20150720_083110_1 (500x375)

28. Parking, Keiser Wilhelm’s Gate

       6003 Alesund (More og Romsdal)

         N: 62.46997      E : 6.14995

A small parking area near the ferry terminal. Some parts of the parking is free from 16.00 to 9.00, Sundays, also free. Walking distance to the center and some tourist attraction. No other facilities.

P1370698 (500x375)

29. Fjellstua – Aksla

       6003 Alesund

       Coordinates :  N : 62.47437     E : 6.16505

Free Parking area at Fjellstua, rather small, magnificent view of Alesund. City center is about 15 minutes walk using the stairs from Fjellstua to the park. Further no other facilities.

DSC05931 (500x375)

30. Parking, Alnes Fyr

       6055 Giske (More og Romsdal)

       Coordinates :  N : 62.49128     E : 5.96716

A small vacant lot by the sea, with view of the Lighthouse. Nice pebbled beach nearby. Further no other facilities.

IMG_20150723_200251 (500x375)

 31. Parking, boat harbour

       6055 Godoya

       N: 62.48433   E:  6.04410

Small parking area for the boat harbour, just before the tunnel to Godoya. Wi-fi available at the gas station opposite the road. Free, further no other facilities. Good spot for fishing.

P1370855 (500x375)

32. Parking for  Campers, Harbour area in Andalsnes

        Isfjordvegen 10       6300 Andalsnes

       Coordinates :   N:  62.56653    E: 7.69156

Near the center, by the haven. Further no facilities.

P1370949 (500x375)

 33.  . Vengedalen, Andalsnes

A small parking in the area of Vengedalen. Tollway which costs 75 NOK must be paid at the beginning of Vengedalen road. Trout fishing possible.

P1380006 (500x375)

 34. Parking, Trollstigen   RV 63

6315 Rauma,   More og Romsdal

Spacious parking area at the viewpoint of Trollstigen. With restaurant and souvenir shop.


DSC06578 (500x375)

35. Parking, Djupvasshytta 6216 Geiranger

Small uneven parking area near the Djupvatnet lake, more than 1000 meters asl. Good overnight stay on the way to Dalsnibba. Nice walking routes.

       DSC07257 (500x375)

  36. Campsite in Geiranger (two nights), 2 kms from Geiranger along the fjord

6216 Homlong,   Stranda

Coordinates :  N: 62.10578    E: 7.18592

Unofficial parking area along the fjord on the way to Homlong. No other facilities.

IMG_20150805_084516 (500x375)

37. Mix-Parking, Tourist Information/Boat harbour

       6210 Valldal

       N : 62.29782     E: 7.26016

Spacious parking area by the harbour. Near the Tourist office. Wifi access possible. Laundry and shower are possible. Center is 100 meters.  Good spot for fishing.

P1380090 (500x375)


       6215 Kilsti (More og Romsdal)

       Coordinates :   N: 62.25291     E: 7.14532

Small parking area in Kilsti, at the starting point of various hikes. With picknick table. Further, no other facilities.

P1380201 (500x375)

39.  Lom : Parking next to Stavkirke

2686 Lom

Coordinates :  N:61.83900      W: 8.5656

Rather big mix-parking area infront of a hotel and near the Stavkirke. Center is about 200 meters. Internet at tourist office by Coop supermarket.

40. Besseggen : Rv 51

         2683  Vaga….at least 2 km from Gjendesheim parking

      N: 61.47758     E: 8.82454

Unofficial parking along the road. Good for a night stay and near the starting point for the hike to Besseggen.  No other facilities.  Official parking costs 100 NOK per day.

P1380562 (500x375)

 41. Oystre Slidre : Rd. 51 Oystre Slidre 2953 Oystre Slidre (Oppland)

       Coordinates    N: 61.43246    W: 8.80215

A big public parking about 7 kilometers from Besseggen parking; along the road. With picknick tables; further no other facilities. Beautiful surroundings.

P1380774 (500x375)

 42. Langesund : Parking, Harbour

                               3970  Langesund

Small parking by the harbour, where officially, no campers are allowed to stay for the night. Good spot for fishing. Stayed here one night and took the ferry the next morning back to Holland.

P1380816 (500x375)


4 thoughts on “NORWAY 2015 : OUR WAY TO NORWAY (June 9 – August 13, 2015)

  1. Met jullie goedkeuren is dit gedeeld met de groep Favoriete Camperplaatsen. Mag de bron vermelding er bij?


  2. Heel leuke lijst! Heb je ook een printvriendelijke versie? Zou leuk zijn om in de wagen te leggen.
    alvast bedankt en nog veel plezier met de camper!
    Hein Cannie


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