Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995, lies picturesquely amidst the thickly forested  Sintra Hills just about 30 kilometers west  of Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. The town has so much to offer, qua history, architecture and nature. Come, visit and enjoy Sintra. We did!

1. Have a taste of a little bit of fairytale in the magical Palacio dela Pena

DSC01624 (500x375)

2. Unfold the mystery of Quinta Da Regaleira

P1390327 (500x375)

3. Get lost in enchanting forest of Sintra Hills

DSC01657 (500x375)

4. Get down to the bottom of the 28-meter deep Initiation Well in Quinta da Regaleira

DSC01897 (500x375)

5. Feel the romance in Palacio de Monserrate

DSC01782 (500x375)

6. See the cute duck houses in Parque dela Pena

DSC01682 (500x375)

7. Get lost in the picturesque old town of Sintra

IMG_20160102_165803_1 (500x375)

8. Stroll at the nicely-landscaped garden of Monserrate

IMG_20160103_123828 (500x375)

9. Go to the westernmost point of European continent at Cabo da Roca

DSC01956 (500x375)

10. Feel the sand on your feet at Praia das Macas

P1390446 (500x375)

11. Discover the history of Palacio Nacional da Sintra

P1390075 (500x375)

12. Be mesmerized by the lake in Quinta da Regaleira

DSC01862 (500x375)




  1. Just spent 4 days there in November. Quinta da Regaleira was my favourite, by far. I also opted to walk to Monserrate, and the surrounding park spaces are amazing. Solid post!

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  2. Hello Colin…Sintra is really a jewel! Our fave is also Quinta DA Regaleira.. We love the air of mystery and mythology around it….anyway the palaces are all fascinating and each has its own charms….thanks for your comment 😉


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