I. FROM BARCELOS TO LISBOA (November 22 – December 30, 2015

After a little more than a month travelling thru France and North of Spain, we finally arrived in Portugal. Our camper adventure in this country began in Barcelos, after driving from baiona (Spain) for a distance of 110 kilometers. Below is the list of the diverse parking/camping sites where we have stayed for a period of one month, driving a total of 594 kilometers.

 1. BARCELOS   :   PARKING, Rua Rosa Ramalho     4755 Barcelos

                                   Coordinates :   N: 41.52872     W: 8.61578

 IMG_20151124_091326_1 (500x375)It is a small mix-parking which lies along the river, near the municipal swimming pool and a water company. It is about 800 meters to the city center. Free. No other services. Thursday is a big market in the center, and weekend, flea market. Free use of computer and internet services at Tourist office.We stayed here 2 days (Nov. 22-23, 2015).

2. AVEIRO :   Cais das Falcoeiras     3800 Aveiro

                         Coordinates :   N: 40.64421     W: 8.65817

 IMG_20151125_100621_1 (500x375)Special parking area for RVs, by the viaduct. Free, but no further other services. About 500 meters to the old center. Traffic noise from vehicles could be disturbing. We stayed here for 2 days (Nov. 24-25, 2015).

3. PRAIA DE MIRA : Rua Raul Brandao     3070 Praia de Mira

                                     Coordinates :   N: 40.45484     W: 8.80303

 IMG_20151127_103611_1 (500x375)Parking in front of beach, along the street. Free, no other services. Internet possible via WIFI of the restaurant on the other side of the street. Service area for camper is in Mira by Intermarche supermarket. Stayed 1 day (Nov. 26, 2015).

 4. COIMBRA :   Parking, Avenida Ines de Castro   3000 Coimbra (Sta. Clara)

                             Coordinates :   N: 40.19854   W: 8.42805

 IMG_20151129_132721_1 - kopie (500x375)It is mix-parking (there are small parking spaces) by parking Parco Verde along River Mondego and near watersports facilities. Free; water is possible to obtain nearby. Internet possible via wifi Coimbra. It is about 800 meters to the city center which could be reached via a nice walk in the park, crossing the nice colored bridge, Ponte de Pedonal. Stayed here 2 days (Nov. 27-28, 2015).

5.  FATIMA : Rua Sao Vicente de Paulo   2495   Fatima

                        Coordinates :   N: 39.63386   W: 8.67122

 IMG_20151130_100301_1 (375x500)Parking of the Santuario de Fatima. Free; water is available. Stonethrow away from the Santuario. Stayed here 1 day (Nov. 29, 2015).

 6. BATALHA : Parking, Rotunda Dom Duarte 2440 Batalha

                             Coordinates :   N: 39.66138     W: 8.82500

IMG_20151202_111101_1 (500x375)Special parking area for campers. Free. With services, water must be paid for a small amount. With view of the famous monastery, which is just about 300 meters away. Monastery free to visit on Sundays. Free use of computer and internet services at Bibliotheek (Municipal Library).   Stayed here 2 days (Nov.30-Dec. 1, 2015).

7. ALCOBACA : Parking, Avenida dos Combatentes     2460   Alcobaca

                               Coordinates :   N: 39.54889     W: 8.97568

IMG_20151202_170741_1 (500x375)Mix-parking, about 300 meters from the village, near the famous monastery of Alcobaca. Free, further no other services. Monastery is free to visit on Sundays. Stayed here 1 day (Dec. 2, 2015).

 8. NAZARE :   Avenida do Municipio       2450 Nazare

                           Coordinates :   N: 39.59721   W: 9.06991

 IMG_20151205_083847_1 (500x375)Small parking near the municipal library, which is about 200 meters to the beach. Restaurants, shops and beach nearby. Free, further no other services. Computer and internet services free at the municipal library. Big market on Friday morning. Stayed here 4 days (Dec. 3-6, 2015).

 9. OBIDOS : Rua dos Arcos   2510 Obidos

                        Coordinates :   N: 39.35622     W: 9.15661

 IMG_20151208_094736 (500x375)Special parking area for campers. Day parking is free. Overnight stay including services is 6 euros. Use of services only costs 2 euro. Parking by aquaduct. Walled village of Obidos is about 500 meters away. Stayed here for a day (Dec. 7, 2017).

 10. LISBOA :   Avenida do Brasilia     1300 Lisboa

                           Coordinates :   N: 38.69514     W: 9.19926

 IMG_20151213_100032_1 (500x375)Mix-parking along the avenida (Attention : board with campers not allowed to park). Near the Ferry terminal and train station. Free, further no other services. Wifi possible by small café nearby. City Lisboa is about 8 minute train ride (3 euro retour). Tip : buy a dayticket for public transportation at the station which costs 6.50, valid for 24 hours. Stayed here 1 week (Dec. 8-15, 2015).

 11. LISBOA : Rua Francisco Salgado Zenha s/n

                        Prior Velho Loures Portugal

                       Coordinates :   N: 38.78737   W: 9.12816

Private commercial parking by the airport, Easy Parking. About 2 kilometers from Lisboa Airport. Parking costs 126 euro for 2 weeks, with shuttle service to the airport. We stalled our camper D”Traveller here for 2 weeks, when we flew back to The Netherlands for Christmas and to welcome our new-born grandson Jayson.


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